Zeltīts: The new migrant crisis is just the beginning

Recent events at the border of Europe in Greece once again shows the truths that globalists would like to hide from everyone. This is a clash of civilizations – Western, Islamic (in this case – Turkey) and Orthodox (Russia) interests clash in Syria and immigrants are used as a weapon in this clash against Europe. And why shouldn’t Turkey use this weapon – it is Europe that showed in 2015 that it ready to take millions of migrants regardless of the ethnic, cultural, economic and security challenges they bring with them. Because of the madness of globalist elites Europe showed weakness and weakness is not forgiven in the international politics. But this time it is harder and harder to pose these people as some “poor refugees”, despite of the desperate attempts of the globalist sponsored leftist media to find or create new stories about “refugee victims” and the “evil Greek boarder-guards”.

But let me ask you this – if someone would try to break in your house while family is in there and you would stop them at the doors – who would be the evil one in this situation? Why is it, that defence of your extended family – your nation – is like original sin in the modern West? Obviously, neo-Marxist indoctrination has made normal things to be seen as sins while insanity as a virtue. How deep is this indoctrination and has it destroyed all capacity of Europeans to defend themselves against invasion – time will show.  With population of Africa doubling by 2050 and reaching 2.5 billion and then again 4.5 billion by 20100 (40% of world’s population) it is clear that tensions at the gates of Europe have just begun. If it will be up to globalists and leftists they will [in their ignorance] continue to serve as a Trojan horse for the interests of foreign powers and destroy everything that is dear to us. The only answer is – more nationalism!

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