Which one is more virtuous —Russia or Western Europe?

In discussions about the current situation in Europe, sometimes also in supposedly nationalist circles, one can notice statements that Russia is a stronghold of Christianity and morality, especially compared to ‘’rotten’’ Western Europe. Latvian saying goes that paper bears anything, so let’s compare measurable things. Let’s say, four specific and important morality measures:

  1. abortions;
  2. other murders;
  3. divorces;
  4. alcoholism.

Measurement units will be:

  1. for abortions — number of artificial abortions, compared to number of births;
  2. for other murders — number of murders per 100 000 population;
  3. for divorces — number of divorces, compared to number of marriages;
  4. for alcoholism — yearly consumption of pure alcohol per capita (age 15+) in litres;

The most appropriate country to compare with Russia is Germany. First, it has the largest population in Europe, second, it has been mentioned as iconic case of rot and decadence.

So, what we get?

On abortions, we have 2014 data of national statistical offices. In Germany, abortions were 13.9% of births, in Russia, 47.9%:

Pic.1 Abortions

On other murders, we have 2014 data of UN Office on Drugs and Crime. In Germany, there were 0.9 murders per 100 000, in Russia, 9.5:

Pic.2 Murders

On divorces, we have 2015 data of national statistical offices. In Germany, divorces were 40.8% of marriages, in Russia, 52.7%:

Pic.3 Divorces

On alcoholism, we have 2010 data of the World Health Organization. In Germany, alcohol consumption was 11.8 litres per capita, in Russia, 15.1.

Pic.4 Alcohol

Indeed, what a stronghold of morality Russia is!

Ritvars Eglājs

Geographer, free marketer, Latvian nationalist