Thesis 1: Latvia is an integral part of Western civilization – civilization in decline. The cause of this decline is Marxist ideological subversion.

Thesis 1: Latvia is an integral part of Western civilization – civilizations in decline. The cause of this decline is Marxist ideological subversion.

Decline of the West manifests itself in all areas of social life – in the moral, economic, institutional, demographic/immigration dimensions. It is the demographic dimension of the decline that is most crucial. Europeans are dying out: birth rates are critical to Europe’s future. Like other civilizations in the past, the West is experiencing a wave of immigration. However, while at the end of the Roman Empire its culture was replaced by an influx of related Indo-European tribes, the flow of immigrants in Europe today comes mainly from Islamic countries with fundamentally different notions of government, that historically have threatened the existence Western civilization. Civilization can endure much, but not the destruction of its creators. Already, immigration poses enormous security risks to Europeans: reports of organized grooming gangs and unprecedented violent attacks have become commonplace.

The proportion of European indigenous peoples in Western European countries is declining faster than it did in the territory of Latvia during the darkest years of communist occupation. [1] Such rapid ethnic changes have always been associated with great social convulsions in the lives of nations and countries. Dark clouds are also beginning to cover our sky. The attempt to impose on Latvia the so-called The “refugee quotas” in 2015 and thousands of immigrant “students” on the streets of Riga are the beginning of a new wave of colonization for our nation, that has still not recovered from the devastating consequences of the ethnic policy of USSR.

Decline we are witnessing is a managed process of ideological subversion, a struggle against Western civilization. This process was once accurately described by Yuri Bezmenov (1939-1993), a KGB agent who defected to the West.[2] According to Bezmenov, 85% of the KGB’s resources for operations abroad were devoted to the subversion process with the aim of destroying the enemy state without direct invasion. During the process of subversion, the enemy’s consciousness is changed so that it does not see the threat in front of him.

The four steps of ideological subversion are: 1) Demoralization. Within a generation, attitude towards religion is changed, the education system is degraded, traditional community relations are completely replaced by a bureaucrat-led ‘welfare state’, the police and army are discredited, and crime is legitimized. It is a revolution in values ​​in which the influence of the media and academia on the younger generation is crucial; 2) Demoralization is followed by destabilization, during which contradictions between different groups of society are intensified; 3) This is followed by a crisis or a revolutionary change of power, during which state institutions are replaced by new governing bodies (“councils”, “autonomous zones”, etc.); 4) Finally, “normalization”, or the introduction of communism through civil war (from the inside) or military invasion (from the outside). In this phase, the previous revolutionaries, which are no longer needed by the new power, are liquidated.

Marxist infiltration in the West has a century long history, however at the beginning of the 21st century the various Marxist currents have fully merged into a new variation of Bolshevism, Neo-Marxism. Neo-Marxism is based on: 1) Infiltration strategy, mainly focusing on public opinion forming institutions – the media, educational institutions, as well as political organizations that have not traditionally been communist; 2) Changing public opinion, thus indirectly stimulating political change, or metapolitical process; 3) The philosophy of postmodernism and the ideas of Frankfurt’s school Marxism, which reinterpreted the traditional Marxist class struggle as a broader problem of “oppressors” and “oppressed”. Thus, Marxists replaced the conservative working class as an agent of the revolution with ethnic and sexual minorities.

Marxism regained its second breath through self-reformation – it was no longer constrained by the obvious failures and tactical limitations of the old Marxist theory. It is now possible to import the proletariat from the third world or to construct it according to purely artificial categories of sexual identities. Postmodern neo-Marxism denies the category of truth as such and recognizes only power. The various groups of the “oppressed” are merely a means of revolutionary goals: revolution against Western civilization, which the neo-Marxists openly identify as the target of their attack. This revolution justifies to them all means, including the normalization of all forms of pathology and crime (including paedophilia). This is an evil that excludes political compromises!

The indoctrination of neo-Marxism is much more effective than that of the old communism because it is simply not perceived as such. This ideology is difficult to attack because it disguises itself and presents its dogmas as a new kind of morality, or “political correctness.” It is simply “good” to be on the “oppressed” side and to condemn all kinds of “oppressors” – “racists”, “sexists”, “homophobes”, “transphobes” and others. And it is also simple, because it does not imply any obligation to think about the relation of these dogmas to reality, nor to open a section of the history book about other “good willing people” in communist regimes. The 2015 ‘refugee crisis’ in Europe and the 2020 unrest in the US must be seen in the context of ideological subversion as a transition from a phase of demoralization to destabilization.[3]  Significantly, most of the “activists” do not even understand the power relations in which they are involved and the methods by which they are manipulated.

USSR and later Russia have always been the bridgehead of ideological subversion. Of course, this does not mean active intervention of Chekists in every destructive process. The KGB method is reflexive control during which victim’s decision-making process is influenced in a way to make him choose a seemingly independent decision that is desirable for the KGB. Looking at it through martial arts analogies the victim’s own movements and inertia are used against him, overthrowing him with a use of very little force. The internal contradictions in the West are intensified and masterfully incorporated into the process of subversion, leading Western society to the crisis. Changing the moral and ethnic environment is a precondition for the crisis.

Marxism is nothing more than a Trojan horse for the expansion of the influence of foreign civilizations. The ideological subversion initiated by the USSR in the 20th century is now operating as a self-driving destructive process. In the 21st century, KGB agents Putin’s Russia is simply manipulating the effects of this process with methods of reflexive control. It is complemented by so-called The “Gerasimov Doctrine”, according to which the essence of war is the imposition of one’s will and the weakening of the opponent’s will, which must be achieved not only by military means, but also by economic, diplomatic, cultural, etc. techniques. War is normal and permanent state for Russia – it is happening all the time and at this moment. Ideological subversion is part of this war. In addition, Russia feels like a fish in water in the postmodern world. Under the management of the Kremlin ideologue Vladislav Surkov, Russia has become a postmodern tyranny without any values ​​other than the maximum expansion of its power. Russia is masterfully manipulating processes in the morally disoriented West, which is constantly questioning its own values, identity and right to exist. This allows Russia to aggressively pursue its interests, using various Western ideological currents and economic interest groups to its advantage.

As a result, ideological subversion is largely sponsored by the Western financial capitalist circles themselves, that see their benefits in demoralizing society and destroying nations. The fusion of Neo-Marxism and financial capitalism is one of the most striking phenomena of the 21st century, but it is also natural. The free market phase of capitalism, characterized by widespread private ownership and high social mobility, is virtually over. Transnational corporations that have merged with the state power are not very different in nature from the socialist regimes in which the state power has merged with the economic life of society. For both, nation states and small businesses are an obstacle to “progress”. International institutions, “respectable” left-wing NGOs, “investigative journalists” and “experts” are instruments of influence of this “progressivism”, while left-wing radical groups such as “Antifa” serve as an extension of this “progressivism” on the street.

“Antifa” and other left-wing organizations are happy to accept the money of their wealthy sponsors, as this coincides with the great strategy of neo-Marxism described in “Communist manifesto of 21st century” (as described by communist Slavoj Žižek) Empire – not to resist globalization, but to accelerate it and use it to introduce communism on a global scale.[4] Capitalism is a necessary evil for the Communists. Left-wing activists are viewed similarly by the globalist elites that gather in the Bilderberg Group and the Davos Forum. Who is the “useful idiot”? They are financial capitalists who are unable to see the next steps in ideological subversion – as Russian Bolshevik leader Lenin once said: “capitalists are ready to sell us the rope with which we will hang them”. The Kremlin’s propaganda, which shows Russia as an alternative to these processes, is only a tactical manoeuvre. The Kremlin is not offering a solution to the West but is attacking in a new way. In 1991, only a certain form of state-centred Communism perished – the KGB, which had already for long infiltrated Western institutions, actually restarted Communism, beginning its global phase. The Kremlin’s propaganda, which shows Russia as an alternative to these processes, is only a tactical manoeuvre. The Kremlin is not offering a solution to the West, but is attacking. 

We cannot choose whether this attack from the Kremlin is taking place. This choice has been already made by our opponent. Our choice exists in the response to this challenge. This problem cannot solve itself out – it must be stopped before it plunges our nation into the abyss! We still have the opportunity to protect our families, our people and our country, and to show the way for a rebirth to other Western nations! It is not just a struggle for values or ideas. The mission of nationalism is not just to protect language and culture. Therefore, National Democratism also requires a certain model of social organization that restores those community relations that guarantee human freedom and self-respect – based on the widespread ownership of private property, strong families and communities, and a solidary system of state whose main task is to protect the people’s interests.

We do not have to provincially follow today’s Western pseudo-values, which are in fact part of the fight against Western culture, but we must be faithful to our identity, our historical experience and our mission: to be a barrier to expansion from the East and to prevent the crisis of the West!

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[3] The tragic fate of the European farmers in South Africa serves as an example of what it means to lose in the fight against ideological subversion. Now the same struggle is taking place all over in the Western world.

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