The Prime Minister of the Czech Republic says he doesn’t want anymore Muslims

While stating that there is only a small community of Muslims in the Czech Republic, Prime Minister Bohuslav Sobotka explained that after observing other European countries, he doesn’t want the Muslim minority in the Czech Republic to grow.

“We would greatly appreciate if Europe would better protect its external border.” The Prime Minister added.

In comments about crime, sex attacks, and terrorism committed by various refugees in Western Europe since 2015, the Czech prime minister said: “In Europe too often we see problems with the integration of people coming from another cultural or religious environment.”

The Czech Republic currently has around 22,000 Muslims living in the country and are often described as well integrated and haven’t shown any signs of Islamic extremism.

Sobotka reminded about the country’s commitment to assisting in tackling the migrant crisis, saying that the Czech Republic is financially supporting the Libyan coastguard and is sending policemen to help secure the borders in the Balkans

Like the other three countries in the Visegrád Group (Slovakia, Poland, and Hungary), the Czech Republic rejects the European Union’s forced migrant relocation programme.

Similarly, the president of the Czech Republic, Miloš Zeman, has said that the European Union needs to include the numerous Ukrainian refugees in the migrant redistribution programme, Poland alone has issued nearly 1.3 million visas to Ukrainians last year, including those claiming asylum.

“Ukrainians, too, are refugees and with their origin and diligence, they are somewhat close to us,” said president Zeman in September 2015, after stating a month before that “Unlike the Islamic ones, they have a much a better ability to assimilate themselves.”



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