The judgement of history

Whenever a convinced ultra-liberal is in a discussion with a conservative it is like two people speaking in different languages. This is because the ultra-liberal is someone who lives out of history. Well, at least he would like to live outside of it. Both the regime of USSR and Western Marxists tried to create a new type of man and this is the result.

For centuries every sane person would see themselves as a link in the Great chain of being, a part of some great historical tradition and continuation of one’s family history. His life would have points of reference, it would be meaningful life with clear tasks.  A life in the sphere of history with responsibility towards the ancestors and the coming generations. This life is not entirely “free” – it requires sense of honor, justice, self-sacrifice and humility. All the values that the revolutionaries since 1789 up until today hates so much. So they tried to create a new society and the new type of men whose only obligation would be self-gratification here and now. Because history would end. Because paradise and happy end of the fairy-tales could be achieved on this earth. According to them, there could be a system where “from each would be taken according to his ability and to each given according to his needs”. Or as the Western Marxists proposed – where there would be no restrictions to the “free love”. A society free from work and “repression”, outside the sphere of pain and suffering. Life as only every-day life with fashion, entertainment and never-ending party. The parents are away (“God is dead!”) and the children can do what they like. “Imagine there’s no countries (..) And no religion, too”. What a dream? What a stupidity!

So the rootless man doesn’t understand the arguments about the responsibility for ones country, culture and civilization. He doesn’t understand the lessons of history, because he thinks not only he is outside of it, but all the world is rootless like him. The millions of immigrants for him are just “human beings searching for peace and happiness”. He does not understand that not for everyone the super-market is the temple. He does not understand that not for everyone God is dead. He does not understand that  maybe these people have their own history, their lessons and also – enemies according to these lessons. He does not understand why many of these people would attack and even be ready to sacrifice themselves because of some belief-system. So, when the radical Islamic terrorists attack, it is not even a clash of civilizations – it is a clash between history and those who try to escape it. And it is a slaughter, because the conflict is so unproportional. Those who “love death” attack those who love only life here and now.

The judgment of history arrives always. And for those who want to escape history, ignore their obligations to their ancestors and to their children, the judgment is especially harsh. Because history never ends. Man is imperfect and divided in his soul. Therefore he needs society – to be virtuous and moral. And from this politics and history is born, to sustain this society, so it would not collapse from the beastly aspects of human soul. There are times when each of us would like to live outside the responsibilities that are imposed on us from God, from history, from our ancestors. The will to regress and return to an animal state (that is – post-modern consumer society) is quite natural in every man. To create something lasting and beautiful requires an effort. Meanwhile, even a dead fish can swim with the stream. But we choose not to be the dead fish. We are the same people who won the Battle of Poitiers, withstood the siege of Malta and defeated the invaders in The Battle of Vienna. We are part of history in making. When the judgement of history will arrive, we will say with a confidence – not guilty!

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