Russia on UN migration pact: migration processes play a considerable role in the development of the Russian Federation

While Western countries one by one are beginning to follow the decision first made in December 2017, by US President Trump, and step back from the UN Global compact for safe, orderly and regular migration, nothing like this has been heard from Russia. Instead, Russia has been actively supporting this process since its inception (New York declaration) and continues doing so today. Currently, there exists a widespread myth about Russia being the Savior of European civilization in some right-wing minds from the West. So, these people should now ask – Why then is Russia not fighting back against this dangerous “Open borders pact”? Especially, regarding the fact, according to the UN 2017 Migration Report, that Russia is one of the favourite migrant destinations in the world. Indeed, when only little European nation states dare to stand up and reject fantasies from arrogant cosmopolitan UN leaders, a Russian protest would carry considerable international weight. And yet the Kremlin remains silent.

Part of this answer can be found in a Statement by representative of the Russian Federation Alexey Akzhigitov at the Session of the International Dialogue on Migration «Inclusive and Innovative Partnerships for Effective Global Governance of Migration”, read in the March 2018, while discussing the aforementioned compact. He stated, that “Migration processes play a considerable role in the social, economic and demographic development of the Russian Federation. [..] Migrants coming to work in Russia greatly contribute to many spheres of our economy and positively influence upon the development of infrastructure. “ Indeed, this news might come as a surprise to some Western nationalists, because these are not just politically correct remarks with no deeper meaning, but correspond with the ongoing situation in Russia today – as its migration profile with highly represented Central-Asian Muslim countries of origin indicates. Russian daily newspaper Nezavisimaya Gazeta even stated, that “Under President Vladimir Putin, being anti-immigration is the same as being anti-establishment.”

I would add that one more possible reason for the positive Kremlin attitude towards the UN Global migration pact is their stated belief that: “A weaker West means stronger Russia.

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