Reflections on Trump’s speech in Warsaw

President Trump’s speech on sixth of July in Warsaw was not only inspiring for the Polish people and all the conservative-nationalists in the Three Seas region, but can already be called as historical.

President Trump’s speech you can clearly see the influence of Huntington’s worldview. Some political commentators already are worried that Trump has “redefined” Western values around culture, faith and freedom, not democracy and human rights. However, it is not a “redefinition”, but rather return to what are the basic values of Western civilization, from which any notion of democracy and human rights can be made, no other way around. In Warsaw speech president Trump confirmed that U.S. today is the defender of Western civilization in the new world of many civilizations. Moreover, U.S. needs strong regional allies like Poland to defend Western civilization, because U.S. can no longer do it on their own. It is a common struggle, but everyone have to invest in their own security, but far more important are investments in values, that makes West so great. These are bad news for both Russia that uses the lack of values in the West to promote it as some kind of defender of conservative values.

And these are bad news for those European leaders that are saying that U.S. has left Europe on its own. U.S. has not left Europe, it has left only the elites whose policies and false values are destroying it. This is why U.S. is ready to support Three Seas initiative, which is another historical aspect of President Trump’s speech. U.S. cannot look passively on China’s investments in the region; therefore, it will support development of infrastructure projects that unite the region. This is also a way to balance Germany and France that are not so friendly with Trump.

Future will show if president Trump’s speech that supports Polish resistance to the destructive policies of EU will have lasting impact on Poland, not only in its relations with the EU, but in also when it decides to take much more active leadership role in the region. Only future will show if U.S. will continue to support principle of national state with secure borders in Europe. Many Europeans are certainly hoping for that.