Pro-Kremlin and far left MEP’s against Latvian legion

Tatyana Zhdanok (MEP from Latvia, “Union of Russians of Latvia”), has sent a letter to other members of the European Parliament, the Prime Minister of Latvia, the Cabinet of Ministers of Latvia, the Saeima and the Riga City Council calling for a “ban on Nazi glorification in Latvia”. Referring to the European Parliament resolution on the “rise of neo-fascist violence in Europe”, which also mentions1 the 16th of March Legionnaires Day in Riga, Zhdanok and some other MEPs have signed a letter for a ban on March 16 “ceremonial marches” in 2020. One of the signers from Germany, Erik Marquardt, is associated with the “Civilfleet” project, which collected donations for the transfer of immigrants across the Mediterranean. Other signatories of the letter are known as communists.

Other Latvian MEPs (Dace Melbarde, Sandra Kalniete, Ivars Ijabs) have already responded to these attempts to defame Latvia, sending a letter depicting these activities as a typical Kremlin disinformation campaign aimed at discrediting the Baltic States.

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