Political Correctness Ideologists – KGB’s useful idiots?

In the United States and many European countries, there is an increasing dissatisfaction with a political correctness, which is strangling the West, and yet claim’s to be the absolute embodiment of Western values. This can best be compared to a wolf in sheep’s clothing that attacks the very essence of classic Western values, while pretending to defend those same values. It is clear that Donald Trump won the sympathy of average American citizens, along with the US Presidential election, by turning against political correctness. As a result of such elections the left and ultra-liberal parties (in the social and cultural sphere their ideology is practically identical) now risk losing their ruling political power in Europe as well as in other Western nations. There exists an opinion, that the excesses of liberalism and their open attempts at silencing critics of political correctness, emanates from exaggerating classic Western values like, for example, individual freedom; while classic Western ideologies have been replaced with new degenerated forms. But what if there is somebody who has helped the wolf to put on a sheep’s skin?

The former KBG agent Yuri Bezmenov alias Tomas Schuman (1939-1993), who switched sides during the Cold War, has given exhaustive descriptions of Cheka tactics, describing its ultimate intention as being a gradual ideological subversion of the West. Personally being in charge of this work[1] for twelve years, Bezmenov describes[2] in detail, how Cheka operatives turned feminist, LGBT and other „minority”  rights’  defender movements into becoming their influential agents in the USA and elsewhere in the West. While being himself a sympathizer of classic Western freedoms, Bezmenov exposed a scheme, which was intended to dismantle traditional Western society and its values with the help of these useful idiots.

Analysis[3] offered by Bezmenov divides the ideological subversion into 4 stages. The first of them – demoralization, realizing which according to Bezmenov demands 15-20 years or the full education cycle of one generation – includes erasing of the traditional moral norms and the infiltration of Marxism (with a necessary additive of anti-Americanism) into the education system. If the demoralization stage is done fully and successfully, 15-20 years later this educated generation takes over in education, politics, media, business, and in other key fields. When Bezmenov came up with this analysis, according to him, already three generations had received this kind of education (starting from the end of World War 2 and emergence of the bipolar world), which means, that in the current moment there are already five of them. It seems, that at least the first stage has been successfully realized by the Cheka. The Cheka tactics described[4] by Bezmenov includes also three more stages, which do not seem to have been realized. The second stage – destabilization of economy, foreign relations and defense systems – would take 2-5 years. The third stage – crisis – in the view of Bezmenov would last for few weeks and it would be solved by the fourth – normalization – stage, which after reaching, Bezmenov predicted getting rid of the useful idiots with Cheka, then seizing power in the territory of  their enemy.

A similar fate and role as the Russian spy Bezmenov was experienced by Latvian double-agent Imants Leshinskis alias Peter Dorn (1931-1985), who as an official KGB man flooded information to the CIA and later asked for asylum in USA, which was granted. Leshinskis worked as editor of the Cheka’s issued newspaper „Dzimtenes Balss” („The Voice of the Fatherland” – the newspaper was aimed to the exile Latvian society). Additionally, he was also the chairman of a de facto KGB structure – The Committee for Cultural Relations with Compatriots Abroad. Unlike Yuri Bezmenov, who worked at undermining classic Western democracies, Imants Leshinskis was in charge of splitting and weakening the Latvian community in exile. However Leshinskis points[5] to one of the several directions that KGB operations used to reach their dishonorable goals, which also corresponded with Bezmenov’s described activities at the same time: the establishing of contacts with ultra-liberal and left radicals among the exile Latvian youth. This was the job of the Youth Section of The Committee for Cultural Relations with Compatriots Abroad. As Leshinskis writes, these radicals came from wealthy, nationalistic Latvian families: „Influenced by the movements against the war in Vietnam, against Iranian shah and so on, they had decided not to fight against the Soviet Latvia, but to assist it. [..] The „ stagnating” ideas of the oldest exile generation had to be given up, while the cultural exchange with the „socialistic” Soviet Latvia should convert the exile youth and partly also the middle generation to anti-capitalistic, anti-establishment ideals.” Besides, Leshinskis highlights this direction as one of the rare, indeed successful KGB operations against the exile Latvian community – these youthful Latvian radicals then fell as easy prey into the claws of the young, very talented chekists from the Committee’s Youth Section. The useful idiot’s role in this operation was mostly played by the radical so called Cologne’s group. For instance, Cheka highly valued the German ultra-liberals’ contacts was with of one of the members of this group – the representative of the avant-garde art organization „Fluxus” Valdis Abolinsh.  In a result, The Third Latvian Worldwide Youth Congress in 1975, at Floreffe (Belgium) came off very successfully from KGB’s point of the view[6],[7].

It was a big disappointment to their parents and the leadership of World Free Latvian Union (PBLA), that the youth took quite a conformist position. No anti-Soviet actions occurred during the congress, besides 5 of the 14 congress delegates expressed Marxist-Leninist views (G. Pone, A. Urdze, O. Rozitis, M. Bumanis and already mentioned V. Abolinsh).

Andrejs Urdze even went far enough to use the Soviet statistics to deny the PBLA expressed concerns about the russification of Latvia. The congress did not vote for the so called Latvian National Liberation Fronte Programme, but instead it confirmed two  resolutions favorable to KGB. Valdis Abolinsh insisted, that the cultural relations should happen in a solidarity with the regime ruling over Latvia: according to him, Latvian culture had started on a new, socialistic path, after abolishing of private property and expelling the „masters’ class” in 1940.

The KGB’s activities in this area came to an end in the beginning of 1980’s6,[8], when two „promoters of cultural relations” admitted, that KGB tried to recruit them, and also several young „revolutionaries” died from narcotic overdose’s. As a result the youth cultural relations’ summer courses, which were established as a result of one of the pro-Soviet resolutions, were boycotted by The Fifth Latvian Worldwide Youth Congress in 1981. Still it seems, that the nationalistic views of the second and third exile generation are not even close to being as deep as those of the first emigrant generation. It is difficult to measure, on what extent it is a result of natural processes and on what extent the Cheka and left and liberal radicals are to blame.

The former CIA agent Kent Clizbe thinks[9], that the efforts of Bolsheviks to subvert the West started soon after the violent coup in 1917, when Lenin understood, that the worldwide Bolshevik revolution would not succeed without a little assistance.

The goal of the efforts of Bolshevik agents was to destroy the fabric and moral core of the American nation. According to Clizbe, Cheka in its different modifications has spied for decades to destroy its enemies (Clizbe himself focuses on unmasking the anti-American message). Similarly to Bezmenov, Clizbe also points out, that the KGB focuses on infiltrating its message in the media, Hollywood, and educational system. Moreover, this influence has been covert and, according to Clizbe, it still continues. Many American progressives eagerly joined these new organizations which were in fact funded and led by communists. Those, who were not involved directly, accepted the slogans created by communists as their new gospel. These messengers denigrated American patriotism, attacked USA foreign policies and therefore created a de facto anti-American elite. The goal of the KGB was to make Americans believe, that the state is bad (and surprisingly, the so called “ failed state” rhetoric is widely used as a weapon in current Russian informational attacks on different kinds of targets both on this and the other side of the former iron curtain!). For example; these actors were delighted when The Great Depression occurred, because this event opened the door for the KGB to directly or indirectly influence journalists, screenwriters, and professors, who then abundantly expressed their anti-Americanism.

In his book „Willing accomplices” Clizbe describes, how KGB created the ideology of political correctness initially as an anti-American attack, which included the message that traditional society was a stronghold of racism, sexism, xenophobia, which therefore should be destroyed. He also points to the vulnerability of the free Western societies to such covert influence. Clizbe regards Willi Műnzenberg (1889-1940) as a father of this political correctness. Műnzenberg was close coworker in the Comintern and Soviet secret police (later Cheka). As a very talented propagandist he invented the practice, which is in full bloom in the “current century”:  of  branding any critic of the dogmas of political correctness as an evil, and probably stupid bigot. Clizbe shows, how political correctness goes hand in hand with the anti-American assault (and in its local forms, obviously, with a hatred against patriotism of each specific country), and he analyzes concrete examples. Clizbe mentions other KGB influenced agents working alongside Műnzenberg, like for instance, Walter Duranty, “ New York Times” correspondent in Moscow, the winner of the 1932 Pulitzer prize, who successfully covered up Holodomor, and Dorothy Parker, who established the Hollywood Anti-Nazi League and other similar organizations with seemingly positive intentions. Such groups attracted many creative people and celebrities. As the memoirs of the previously mentioned Imants Leshinskis show, these kind of people for obvious reasons were handsomely “taken care of” by the KGB in countries occupied by the USSR.

The author of the extensive research “Postwar: A History of Europe Since 1945”, Tony Judt describes the left-leaning sympathies of the Cold War time Western intellectuals. However, those sympathies became very hard to defend after Stalin regime’s crimes became publicly known. In addition to the logical and irreversible discredit of Stalinism there came also decrease of members in the proletarian voter base. Therefore left-wingers had to turn to alternative “oppressed classes” as a tool for radical social changes. In 1960’s, the left side identified with radical black rights activist movements in the USA and peasant guerillas from Central America to the South China sea. In a situation where a lack of knowledge and an excess of wishful thinking, the revolutions in China and Cuba were glorified as great successes, which the political left side lacked in Europe. For example, Italian Marxist writer Maria-Antonietta Macciocchi writes about the contrast between supposedly miserable Europe and Mao China’s post-revolutionary society: “In China there are no signs of alienation, nervous disorder or the fragmentation within the individual that you find in a consumer society. The world of the Chinese is compact, integrated and absolutely whole.” An amazing coincidence with the self-loathing messages spread by American useful idiots.

Does everything mentioned above mean, that KGB has created all the ultra-liberal/far left movements? Of course, not. Did the KGB use them or part of them to reach its goals? Absolutely yes, and that, of course, does not mean, that all the members of these movements were informed about it. Is this process finished and does not the FSB use its predecessor’s invented creation and existing infrastructure? It is hard to believe that, considering, that the visible part of the iceberg – the propaganda narrative about the rotten West and morally perfect USSR (Russia) – has not been changed greatly. Even if the FSB does not invest efforts in this direction anymore, it is obvious, that the fruits of KGB efforts are still ripening. The thesis of political correctness is still weakening the Western cultural space: due to self-censorship and censorship by political correctness, Western politicians are paralyzed with fear and therefore cannot adequately evaluate the increasing danger of open immigration. Besides, these issues are not even properly analyzed (or are denied) by the mainstream media. The embassies of Western countries and even secret services (!!) are preaching the so called pride, etc. The KGB logic: to keep the slogan about the rotten West alive, it is necessary to spread these putrid germs and to loudly advertise any newly discovered sign of decay or rot, at the same time keeping silent about the fact, that their own house stinks to high heaven, to put it mildly.

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