Poland: Hate against the right to life

Last Thursday, the Polish Constitutional Court decreed that eugenic abortion is incompatible with the Polish constitution. The court thus ruled on a motion filed by 119 Polish deputies, mostly from Law and Justice (PiS) in 2019.  In that year, the number of legal abortions in Poland was 1,110, of which 97% were performed for fetal malformation (almost half for Down syndrome). Consequently, the only legal cases of abortion in Poland are now when the woman´s life is threatened or if pregnancy is the result of incest or rape. The news caused euphoria in the pro-life movement that expressed its satisfaction with a sentence that it considers historic. Deputy of PiS, Anna Siarkowska, said that the court had stated something obvious, that “human life has imperative value, no matter whether it concerns a healthy or sick person. The life of ill children and those who are disabled will not be treated worse than the life of healthy children”.  She also noted that the goal of pro-life MPs now would be to focus on helping families with children with disabilities.

On the contrary, the court decision unleashed the wrath of pro-abortion feminists and far-left groups, which demonstrated that same night in front of the seat of the court and the PiS party, and subsequently headed to the home of PiS President, Jaroslaw Kaczynski. Protesters showed unusual violence against police, throwing stones and attempting to break the police cordon, and were dissolved through the use of tear gas. There were 15 detainees.

At the political level, in addition to the expected support for the protesters by the Polish opposition, the most furious criticism came, as is usual lately, from the European Union. The Council of Europe’s Commissioner for Human Rights, Dunja Mijatovic, said it was a “sad day for women” and that the sentence “violated human rights.” Iratxe García, president of the Progressive Alliance of Socialists and Democrats, stated that the sentence was a violation of women’s rights and barbarism. Donald Tusk, president of the European People’s Party, called it a “villainy”. Globalist NGOs have also joined the choir of mourners, the Helsinki Foundation for Human Rights (financed by Soros) pointed out that the sentence condemned women to “lifetime torture”, and Amnesty International launched a campaign against this new attack on women’s rights. 

The protest did not end with Thursday night’s incidents, and feminism and the left have taken to the streets daily in different Polish cities under such peaceful slogans  as,  “Women’s Hell,” “You have blood stained hands”, or “It’s War!” But no one expected what happened on Sunday.  That day, in cities such as Warsaw, Lodz, Poznan or Krakow, the wrath of feminism and the radical left turned to the churches. Groups of protesters made paintings on the facades of the temples, insulted and threw objects at people who came to mass, and even entered the churches throwing firecrackers and interrupting religious services. Here is important to note that the Polish church has not pressured the Constitutional Court, even some bishops and priests have distanced from the issue and asked for dialogue, and that the sentence is a consequence of the Polish constitution itself. But this is of no importance to feminist groups because the Catholic Church, within its ideological schemes, is the enemy to defeat.

As a result of surprising police passivity, Polish Catholic and patriotic groups came to defend the churches. Their presence did not discourage violent left-wing protesters and incidents broke out that forced police to intervene. Finally, the arrival of more volunteers, including fans of local football teams, prevented more churches from being attacked. The leader of the Independence March association, Robert Bakiewicz, gave an impromptu press conference in front of the Church of the Holy Cross in Warsaw, announcing the creation of a civic self-defense group that will not allow those who “are against civilization” to attack Catholics.

Police action raised many criticisms for its lack of bluntness, but it has some explanation. The image the media wanted to sell of what happened on Sunday in Poland was not that of feminists assaulting and insulting people who came to mass, which was what really happened, no, they wanted the image of Polish police beating women for “defending their rights”. And they didn’t achieve that. Through an insistent campaign, Poland is being presented as a country that is moving towards a retrograde and ultramontane dictatorship, a society under the church that oppresses women and homosexuals. If progressive forces do not prevent it, Poland will become the totalitarian society shown in the series “The handmaid´s tale”. That’s all a lie, but it’s repeated once and a thousand times. The Margot case is a good example, an extremist presented as a symbol of the Polish government’s repression on LGBT people. However, one video showed that the cause of his arrest was the violent attack on pro-life militants, not his sexual inclination, and that it was all a farce.

In addition to this campaign of harassment, Poland has suffered all sorts of condemnations on the part of the European Union, an institution increasingly distant from its founding principles and at the service of globalist interests. Judicial reform, immigration policy, or the violation of LGBT “rights” have been used time and time again to threaten Polish politicians with the loss of European funds foror not accepting gender ideology or the distribution of refugees. Poland now faces violence and provocation of a minority. Jaroslaw Kaczynski called on members and supporters of PiS to defend the churches. “This is an attack which is meant to destroy Poland and lead to the triumph of forces which will end the history of the Polish nation as we know it”. He’s right. What is intended is not a mere change of laws, it is an amendment to the whole, an attack on the depths of the Polish nation that, true to its spirit, continues to resist.

Alvaro Peñas

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