Peter Logghe on the fall of ‘Giants’ – UN Migration pact causes the collapse of Belgian government

The commentator of the biggest newspaper in Flanders, Jan Segers, in “Het Laatste Nieuws”, put it as follows: “The leadership of the Belgian government had already fallen, and the same thing has now also occurred in the parliament”. And further on: “If you only represent 1 out of every 3 voters in Belgium, responsibility is a false alibi to continue”.

Only a few days ago, the biggest Flemish-nationalist and federalist party N-VA, declared it would not allow Prime Minister Michel to go to Marrakech to sign the UN Migration pact. Some weeks before this declaration of the N-VA, government ministers, Francken and Jambon (ministers for Asylym and Migration and for the Interior), lost in local elections, which were held in Flanders. As a result of these elections the right-wing nationalist and anti-migration party Vlaams Belang grew in strength, which clearly reflected the will of Flemish voters. In the Walloon area of the country, radical left, post-communist PTB voted the same as Vlaams Belang did in the Flemish regions. As a result, ten days ago N-VA lost their power base in the Belgian government. Prime Minister Michel tried to save his centre-right government by asking for support from left and radical left members in the Belgian parliament. Fortunately, his request was refused yesterday evening (18th December) and as a result the Belgian prime minister was then forced to submit the resignation of his government to the King.

No one now knows what will come next. Will there be new Belgian elections at the end of January 2019? Currently, there are already scheduled elections in the Flemish areas and for the EU parliament in May 2019, however these dates cannot be moved up.
Anyway, Belgian Prime Minister Michel is now traveling to New York so he can support the UN Migration pact. Shockingly, he will be doing this as a resigned Prime Minister of a collapsed and disgraced government. So, today everyone can clearly see the reality that Belgium is actually now the capital of Absurdistan.

Peter Logghe

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