New video released about losses caused to Latvia by USSR occupation

Exposing the truth about Latvian money invested in USSR under Soviet occupation, including for KGB and Soviet army. Video in Russian with English subtitles discovering, what everyday people in Baltic countries felt in their everyday life – that Baltic countries subsidized other regions of the former USSR. Latvian commission “for the Determination of the Number of Victims of the USSR Totalitarian Communist Occupation Regime and Places of Mass Graves, Aggregation of Information on Repressions and Mass Deportations, and Calculation of Losses Caused to the Latvian State and Its Inhabitants” has calculated, that USSR occupation caused at least 300 billion euros losses to the Latvian State, which can be compared to 36 yearly budgets of Latvia.
As we have already reported, on 23rd of August last year the ministers of justice of Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, and Romania, in their joint statement, criticized nations which still celebrate their communist histories and the offenses committed by communistic regimes. The ministers of the five countries voiced concern that some countries for praising the Soviet Union and its leaders on an official level, and pointed out, that the crimes of communistic regime must now be investigated.
As well, in November 2015, the Justice ministers of the three Baltic States signed the Joint Declaration to prepare for international actions in accordance with International Law to claim legally and factually justified compensation from the Russian Federation as the declared successor of the rights and obligations of the USSR.