Nationalist July in Sweden

In the wake of a bloody and chocking month of July for us fellow Europeans in the wake of all the jihadi terrorist attacks, here’s a little bit of what has occurred in Sweden in regards to nationalistic activities.

Nordic Youth acquires a new locale

Beginning of July started with a new locale for our organisation, Nordic Youth. It will serve as a gathering point for our activists and support members to meet and mingle. We have several plans on rebuilding to accommodate for additional storage space and setting up a small studio with a green screen and to mount a projector in the ceiling to allow videos and movies to be shown for our weekly meetings and special gatherings.

Nordic Youth’s protest against the pride parade

in the last days of July, Saturday 30th, we planned and executed a protest action against the Pride parade that was currently unfolding in Stockholm, Sweden.

This year’s protest proved to be quite a challenge for the activists as they were harassed by police officers as soon as they showed up in the vicinity of the pride parade. Several unjustified arrests and forced removal by police bus to a remote location to hinder the activists from gathering and holding a protest. This did not discourage our activists that simply just made their way back into the city to join up with those who had not yet been “caught”.

After several hours of cat and mouse games with the police, increasingly violent against our activists, we managed to slip through with a minor group and successfully held a protest with a banner saying “Defend the nuclear family” next to the pride parade.

This could not be tolerated by the so called tolerant people of the parade, forming a crowd along with police officers that began to assault the activists that were protesting. In the face of an overwhelming angry mob and police officers beating protesters viciously, a decision to leave the place of protest was made.

As they left, peacefully I might add, they were constantly assaulted and beaten by the angry gay mob aided by hysterical police officers. By the grace of their guardian angels, no activist was seriously injured.

Legal action is being considered against the police officers that used unprovoked and brutal violence against our activists that we were able to record.

Fredrik Hagberg, spokesman for the Nordic Youth:  The pride lobbyists spreads gender confusion and they corrupt the young minds of our society.
– It is a symbol of bad feminism, pedophilia and the decadent downfall of a society’s overmaturity , everything embodied in a parade .

We will be there next year, even more motivated and better organised and prepared! We will not let this decadent and pedophilia -supporting event stand uncontested.

Our own video from the protest: [embedyt][/embedyt]

Our own video from the previous year’s protest (2015):

Wristband to protect from sexual assaults, a new Swedish police strategy

Apparently, in a genius move from our infamous National Police Commissioner, Dan Elisasson, the Swedish police force began to hand out wristbands to youths and young adults at festivals and bigger events. The colour scheme mimics the colours on our police cars with a text on it saying “Hashtag: Don’t grope me”.

This as a response to the drastically increasing numbers of sexual assault and rapes we have come to experience in the light of last year’s flood of “refugees” across Europe.

Link in English:

So let’s say if you aren’t wearing one of those wristbands, it’s fair game? Nuts!

Night patrols

To ensure that people can feel safer in these troubled times some groups, including Nordic Youth have started doing night patrols for some months now in the weekends. This has resulted in several overly intoxicated youths being cared for, robberies that have been interrupted and suspect foreign men that have been stalking young women in the night-time have been chased off.

When the police cannot safeguard our citizens, we will make sure that we are present when needed and any prevented crime or abuse is a victory in it own.