Manifesto of National Democratism. Prelude.

“A lot of storms once passed us,

And if we might have many more,

God will call as He has called us

In the sun us once again”

Leonīds Breikšs, “Faith of the Latvian”

Politics is a concentrated life. But life is still a struggle upon this earth. In politics, the fate of a nation and individual human is decided in a clash of different powers. Understanding these forces, their interrelationships and taking part in deciding of ones own destiny – that is the essence of politics. Participating in politics to promote the life and existence of one’s people – that is the essence of nationalism.

In the following articles, I will in a concentrated form systematize and lead to logical conclusions century and a half in the ideology of Latvian nationalism in accordance with the tendencies in Western society, as well as my own experience and reflections that have emerged after ten years of Latvian politics. The result is ten theses of National Democratism. National Democratism is the ideological basis of the “Rising Sun” (“Austošā Saule”) movement and our response to the challenges of the 21st century. The various aspects of this worldview will be outlined in the following sections, but its essence is characterized by four basic settings:

  1. Latvian ethnic nation is the highest value of Latvian nationalists.
  2. Democratic and economic self-determination is the only way to the power of a nation in its own country.
  3. The task of further existence and development of our nation requires the establishment of close friendship with Lithuania (pan-Baltism), as well as other countries of the region within the Intermarium union.
  4. The political party method is insufficient to achieve this goal, so a broad metapolitical movement is needed to mobilize the nation to defend its interests.

Everyone sees and understands that there are many problems in Latvia, but few examples of finding go solutions. The state itself is somewhat lost – in the political environment there is a constant jactitation from oligarchic projects to demagogic criticism of power, which does not lead to any results. The reason? It is the lack of a national elite. Historically, it has been the national elite that has clearly seen and defined long-term national interests in the nations, and has ensured that these interests are realized, regardless of short-term political changes. The Latvian national elite was formed in the second half of the 19th century – the culmination of its nationalist ideas was the founding of the nation-state in 1918. The Bolshevik invasion in 1940 not only destroyed the new state, but also did its utmost to destroy its national elite. We still see the consequences – “politicanism”, careerism, striving of implementing recommendations of foreign experts at the expense of the interests of our people – despite thirty years of independence, there is still no awareness in the political environment that we Latvians are a permanent power, with our own interests and rights!

Why it is important to me? Family does not seem something self-evident to me, but a value that must be nurtured and protected. This also applies to the family in its expanded sense – the Latvian people. I do not accept the gloomy predictions of the extinction of the Latvian people in peacetime, as if this were something normal. Was that why our ancestors fought for generations for our land and language? Would in this way we repay our compatriots, including my family members, who were deported to Siberia for loving Latvia?

Latvian nation is important to me – our Baltic roots, that stretches thousands of years in the deep past, and our potential for the future. In the family and national values I see a clear contrast to the model of life that is gradually being imposed on us as a new norm – with countries without borders, nations without their own country, children without families, cultures without beauty… Unfortunately, what has so far held us against this neo-Marxism has not been a clearly defined policy, but a spirit of national resistance from previous generations, which has been partly passed on to the younger generations. The de facto loss of public opinion-making institutions makes it only a matter of time the situation in which, as in the United States or Western Europe today, radical left-wing activists are destroying our “racist” cultural heritage, ethnic minorities are becoming increasingly aggressive towards the nation, while Russia is laughing at us and is preparing a operation of “liberation” … If such an idea seems absurd to someone, then it should be reminded that what is happening in the rest of the Western world 20 years ago would have also seemed unthinkable. An unthinkable idea from the everyday politics is separated only by a combination of time, money and human resources.

In 2011 I joined the party “All for Latvia!”. Over time, I have headed the party’s Marupe branch, Youth Organization, been a board member and secretary-general. In 2020 I decided to resign from my positions in the party to gain a new perspective and formulate alternative strategies for defending values of Latvianism. That’s why I created “Rising Sun” organization, which has already received a lot of attention and an information counter-campaign. It is possible that its opponents sense that this will be an organization that advocates an uncompromising rejection of Kremlin and radical neo-Marxist politics, furthermore exposing the two threats as interlinked. Nationalism, which focuses on the questions of language and history, has a role to play, but it is no longer enough.

Nationalism. Democracy. Self-sufficiency. In these categories, the “Rising Sun” evaluates the political and socio-economic tasks of the organization of society. All this forms the basis for a true power of the people and continued existence of the nation – National Democratism. I am convinced that this cannot be achieved by the party-political method alone. The nation itself needs to organize to defend its interests. There is no shortage of examples in our history – from the Brethren congregations and Young Latvians to the Third Awakening movement. “Rising Sun” continues this mission!

This is just the beginning – a new era for the Latvian people rises!

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