Latvians against communism celebration

Latvians are protesting against the disgraceful “Victory day” celebration in Riga today.

Holding posters with slogans like “War is peace. Freedom is slavery. Ignorance is strength. 9th of May is victory day”, “Never again…”, “I came, I saw, I forgot to go home”, “Communism is the bloodiest ideology of all times. 100 millions deaths is not a victory”, “If you like communist victory so much, why not move to North Korea?”, “Not OUR victory”, “9th of May – Kolyma victory over Buchenwald” (hinting the likeness of national socialist and communist concentration camps) etc. a group of peaceful protesters stood against the still remained communist monument in the centre of capital Riga. The square at this monument, where public execution of German officers took place under communists in 1946, is now being used as gathering place to celebrate the Soviet ruling in Latvia.

This celebration annually attracts several tenths of thousands of Soviet time incomers in Latvia, since the “Great victory” became one of the central pillars of the Russian identity and so-called “Russian world” under Putin regime. Violations of public order, including use of communist symbolic, which is forbidden in Latvia and public alcohol drinking, are common in this day.

As Latvian Security police has stated, this celebration is promoted and partly financed by Russian Federation.