Juan Antonio de Castro de Arespacochaga: “Politicians, seeing that the media is already taken, speak in the line that the media points out to them”.

Abridged interview by Alvaro Peñas (radioya.es) with Juan Antonio de Castro de Arespacochaga, Doctor of Economic Sciences and Professor of International Economics and Development at the Complutense University of Madrid. Juan Antonio de Castro is one of the world’s leading specialists in the figure of George Soros. For more than two decades he has been a permanent United Nations official at the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD) in Geneva, as well as a professor at the University in the Swiss city. Co-author of “Soros. Rompiendo España” (Soros. Breaking Spain), a book that points to the financing and influence of George Soros in the separatist process of Catalonia, he has just published a new book “No sólo es Soros” (Not Only Is Soros).

Something that I find very interesting about this book is the title, because many times everything is simplified in that Soros is the absolute evil, he is the supervillain, but it seems that there is no one else behind him. But Soros is member of a much wider group.

Of course, Soros is in the end a very important puppet of globalist magnates. And here is the big surprise. When you leave Catalonia, you start to see clearly that there is much more to the world and that all this is supported. It all comes from a globalist view of magnates who are on the top step and who don’t get into any dark rooms to make plans, but simply have money they use with puppets for a supposed future vision of what society should be and we’re seeing that vision in Davos. A society in which there is total freedom of business, but national sovereignty and the freedom of individuals are cast aside. Because all that control is much better in a collectivized society than in a society of free people. And that is where you discover the amount of engineering, first cultural and then financial, that Soros, for example, and his open society foundation, and many others, pump in the system to destroy its pillars. We’re talking about a real global coup.  

What comes to inform against in this book is the existence of a global coup bought with money, with a lot of money, with millions that are pumped directly into European justice, in the European Parliament, in the Council of Europe, in most institutions, in MEPs, in the media, in the famous misinformation, in censorship. I was hearing a few days ago that Bill Gates is launching the Global Ministry of Truth. It’s to be scared. This is institutionalizing censorship, the end of freedoms, and all this comes from private control over the public, the privatization of the public network. We’ve actually sold the public to a private group we have no control over.

You mention social engineering. This is also a model taken from Gramsci, cultural Marxism. Gramsci wanted to put an end to traditional culture to reach communist society, and here they want to take us to another kind of totalitarian society, the globalist society.

It is totally inspired by cultural Marxism. Let us remember Adorno, Marcuse, Gramsci, Lukács, all these thinkers who went from classic Marxism in which the proletariat is the active vanguard, to the struggle for minorities in general. Of any minority, it does not matter whether it is being attacked or not. The thing is, there are minorities, and they need to be protected. They work under that excuse which is also absolutely false because if minorities need to be protected you have to go to the countries where they are really attacked and let’s not start with Western civilization. The most amazing thing about all this is that they set us up a cultural engineering system to crush those who already defended these minorities. I’m a professor in college, none of my classmates or students can think of attacking someone by gender, feminism or homosexuality. All this is solved and that is why it is a whole process of engineering of magnates united with these puppets they finance in a totalitarian embrace, in cultural Marxism, to rewrite the system. It is the deconstruction of the pillars and values to replace them with false values that are nothing more than defense of minorities that only works under a very curious system, to seek an oppressor and an oppressed to create a narrative of victimization and feedback. They turn that on any subject and apply that system. There is no ideology here, there is no suffering here, no one here is having a hard time.  They have invented a series of concepts with which they crush us and there we come to the politically correct language, which is the armed wing of cultural Marxism. And if you don’t talk like I tell you, you’re a fascist. It is the famous F that Adorno invented precisely to classify people. The one who doesn’t think like me is fascist. It’s absurd, collectivist, Soviet.

All this comes from the Soviet Union, that is, anyone who does not collaborate with us is on the side of fascism. It’s the way to attack the dissident. But now, instead of a dictatorship of the proletariat, they want to take us is a dictatorship of the elites.

This is the dictatorship of the elites that also infiltrates through social networks. I remember at the United Nations the role played by NGOs and civil society, and what they have done is to completely subvert the concept of civil society. They’ve taken them, bought them the same way they bought the media. Bill Gates has put $50 million into the BBC, a public network, and now   the BBC is going to obey his master’s voice. In Spain he has also financed El País and so many other. What freedom of speech is left then? And civil society and NGOs in particular are bought with million-dollar transactions.

In the book I describe, point by point, hatred, feminism, LGBTQ, etc. What money do they receive and how much money Soros put in, in which organization and what amount. It is a financial engineering company with a tremendous machinery by a person that puts more than a billion annually into that foundation to make it work and that pumps all these NGOs. So civil society has lost its freedom, it has lost its neutrality and what we find in the European Court of Human Rights, in the Council of Europe or in our own national justice, is NGOs that control the functioning, ideas, resolutions, and even judges. A recent report noted that nearly a quarter of the hundred judges who have worked at the European Court of Human Rights are directly related to these NGOs.

This is also the case in the European Commission, especially in the most virulent Commissioners against Poland and Hungary. Vera Jourova, for example, all her team is related to Soros organizations.  

True. Judith Sargentini, who made the report against Hungary. If you read who drafted the report, fifteen from sixteen are related to Soros. It’s just one voice. We have completely lost neutrality, even in international bodies.

It is like Frontex, that leaves Hungary after a campaign by the Hungarian Committee of Helsinki which is a Soros NGO. And accuses Hungary of violating human rights for returning immigrants to Serbia, which is a safe country.

Of course, and when you have every right to do so. And there is more. The attack to not to give European funds to Hungary and Poland, because they are not seen to be in line with the rule of law. Lookout! Who defines what the rule of law is? How can they accuse a democratic country of the European Union of not having a rule of law and not give the funds? And all this is directed, orchestrated and opinioned by people who do not have democratic legitimacy, who have not been elected by us and who are allowed to go to see the high Commissioners and the leaders of the European Union 49 times a year, and even our own President of the Government, or Mr Borrell when he was Minister of Foreign Affairs. Not to mention the think tanks that control Brussels and all Community legislation. In the end, wherever you look, they have taken practically everything. The media thing is tremendous because politicians, seeing that the media is already taken, speak in the line that the media points out to them. Political discourse is pushed to adapt and who knows if changes, such as those of Arrimadas (Citizens – Liberals) and Casado (People’s Party – Conservatives) in the motion to censure of Abascal (VOX) are not also a sign that they want to position themselves with the globalists because if they don’t do that they are with “the bad guys”.

There’s a video of both politicians going together to the Bilderberg Club. Many conservative militants and voters say they don’t understand the steps their party takes. Maybe the explanation is there. Perhaps they are not tied to their activists or their voters, but to other instances.

I think so and I think it’s a serious mistake, because what this book really denounces is that we are facing a totalitarian dictatorial threat and that these politicians don’t even think they’re joining a totalitarian club. After what we’ve fought in this country over freedom. I find it so abnormal, so unbelievable. I know that in the PP there are two currents, one is very globalistic and there is an internal discussion, because it cannot be that they do not realize that they are falling into the hands of this growing totalitarianism.

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