Interview with Thaïs d’Escufon from Generation Identitaire

Alvaro Peñas interviews Thaïs d’Escufon, student in foreign languages in Toulouse, France, and the speaker of the youth movement Generation Identitaire (Generation Identity). It is an anti-immigration lobby which seeks to defend French and European identity facing mass immigration, Islamisation, and its consequences: sexual harassment, insecurity, anti-white racism etc.

On January 18, Generation Identitaire carried out a new mission “Defend Europe” at the Col du Portillon pass in the Pyrenees, on the border with Spain.

What was the objective of the action in the Pyrenees?

We were 30 young French activists at the Col du Portillon at the Franco-Spanish frontier because of the big terrorist and migratory threat at this point regularly crossed by illegal immigrants. Why have we chosen this exact location? Because the local prefect had warned about the crisis situation there and asked for its temporary closing. Then we went to testimony on the importance of this threat and help the police if needed. On a wider view, we wanted to alert the media about the situation there and provoke a strict reaction of the government in order to protect the French people. But when we arrived there, we saw that, regardless of “severe” measures announced by the prefect, there was literally NO police force to control the mountain pass. Actually, it was completely open and you could easily cross it on foot if you were a migrant. It revealed the complete incapacity of our government to defend our borders, even if the terrorist threat was acknowledged by the local authorities themselves. We should never forget that the last terrorist attack in the cathedral of Nice (October 2020), where three French people were beheaded or butchered, was committed by an illegal immigrant who arrived in France through Lampedusa. What does it say of importance given to the security of our people?

Generation Identitaire carried out a similar action in the Alps in April 2018, using two helicopters. Three activists were convicted of this action but, on December 16, the Grenoble appeal court released them.

Indeed, we had a trial concerning this similar action conducted in the Alps. But the file against us was empty. Our actions are peaceful and our mode of operation is the same as a “rightist greenpeace”. We use the way of agitprop and, with our spectacular actions, we seek to attract the media attention on the matters we denounce and, by that, to provoke political reactions. We are whistleblowers.

Another action that also had a lot of repercussion was the boat chartered by his organisation to denounce illegal immigration in the Mediterranean. What does Generation Identitaire intend with the Defend Europe campaign?

In 2017, we chartered a boat in the Mediterranean Sea, next to the Libyan coasts, which carried a large banner saying “No Way, you will not make Europe home”. We wanted to alert on the mass human trafficking there and the complicity of the NGOs self-declared “humanists” who they are not. Our banner evoked the Australian immigration policy of the “No Way”: No reception of illegal immigrants, No departures at sea, No deaths.

The action during the Black Live Matters demonstration in Paris was also very striking. Activists unfurled a banner demanding justice for the victims of anti-white racism. To what extent do the media hide the racist violence suffered by the French?

I was on that roof, last 13th of June, facing more than 20 thousand Black Lives Matter activists who were demonstrating and provoking the government in all impunity. In front of their illegal gathering, we deployed a banner saying “Justice for the victims of anti-white racism”. While these activists can spit their hate of the French without response, we wanted to show them that there was still a European youth who would always stand in their way to say that they were not welcome here, and to say that we would never kneel before them.

Anti-white racism is a growing threat in France and in Europe as mass immigration is becoming more and more important. All the year, French people are killed, harassed, raped by riffraff who hate what we are. But still, all that the mainstream media can speak of is “systemic racism” which literally never existed and which never killed anybody. On the contrary, victims of anti-white racism are hidden, and they never speak of them. During the entire summer, our country suffered many murders of our people: just like a bus driver Philippe Monguillot, lynched to the death by four immigrants because he had asked to them to wear a mask and buy a ticket on board. There is also a case of the young Axelle Dorier, who was walking her dog, and was butchered by a car driven by Youssef and Mohamed, dragged for one mile until her leg was snatched by the vehicle. There are more and more examples like those and we came to remind the people of them, killed for the only reason that they were white and French. Ethnical tensions are growing dangerously and we have to stop right now our foolish immigration policy which allows all this.

Do you consider that the actions carried out by Generation Identitaire have a real impact on the political system and its decisions?

Thanks to our actions, we can bring to light real problems that are too often denied and hidden by the mainstream media. When we carried out our operation in the Republic Square last June, all the television channels debated the existence of anti-white racism for a week and an IFOP survey was carried out on this issue. Thanks to our presence in the Pyrenees two weeks ago, we unveiled the disastrous government management of our borders and the strong terrorist and migratory threat on the Franco-Spanish border. We are whistleblowers who seek to draw the attention of the media to the issues we raise, thus provoking political reactions. As long as there is mass immigration, Generation Identitaire will have its full legitimacy in the political arena and in public debate. We help unravel the taboos of anti-white racism and Islamisation, and our success in the media speaks for us. We create real debates and raise awareness of identity in a whole swath of the population.

Wouldn’t it be up to a political party, like Le Pen’s National Rally, to carry out these actions?

The National Rally would benefit from being more forceful on immigration matters. On the other hand, the National Rally is a party that occupies the electoral field. We are a youth movement occupying the activist field, a “right-wing greenpeace” in a way. These are two fields that may be complementary but are very different. We use agitprop, media agitation through actions that seek to influence the French vote at the polls, but also in public debate.

The action in the Pyrenees angered the French government. On January 26, Interior Minister Gérald Darmanin announced his intention to find elements that would make Generation Identitaire outlawed. Are you worried about this possible outlawing attempt?

Indeed Gérald Darmanin has revealed his weakness. By engaging a dissolution investigation, he shows his anger of having been humiliated by young French people who showed his incapacity in dealing with our borders and in protecting the French. However, it is not the first time the government tried to dissolve our movement. But we never did something illegal. Once again, our actions are pacific and strictly symbolical, as even admitted by our local prefect. But if Darmanin actually succeeded in it, it would not stop our struggle for France and its people. The identitarian fight started before Generation Identitaire, and it will still exist after, we just don’t know how yet. Nevertheless, we will never desist. As long as there will be mass immigration and enemies of France, we will be facing them. No surrender.

Also, as a result of the action in the Pyrenees you were invited to the program “Balance ton post” on Channel 8.

This show was not intended to allow me to express myself or debate. It was a purely media lynching. However, I managed to convey several strong ideas such as the majority Afro-Maghreb origin of street stalkers, or that the only solution to migratory invasion is remigration, the return to their country of origin. The proof that our themes are a priority for the French is that the show broke its audience records and the final poll revealed that 68% of viewers were against the dissolution of our movement. In any case, having been able to talk about remigration in front of 800,000 viewers in prime time was a great victory.

Macron has announced a “war” against Islamist secessionism. Do you think there is a real intention or is it just propaganda in the face of the latest Islamist attacks? Do you think that a scenario like the one Houellebecq described in his novel Submission is possible?

The president Emmanuel Macron is a liar and a coward. All the severe measures he announced do not show up in reality. Today in France there are more than 150 radical and Salafist mosques. Yet, only 9 of them closed only for administrative reasons. As all the surveys and opinion polls reveal, French people are more and more hostile to mass immigration and Islam. It is on these matters that they wait for the government to act, and not on the dissolution of Generation Identitaire which just seeks to defend our identity.

If there is no change in mass immigration policy, we could go to civil war. And we exist to try to prevent from that.

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