Interview with Edyta Witczak, Polish pro-life activist: “Everyone has the right to life”

Alvaro Peñas interviews Edyta Witczak, pro-life activist and member of the National Women Organisation, a pro-life group that also stands for tradition, patriotism and being proud of the Catholic faith.

What is your opinion about the judgement of the Supreme Court on eugenic abortion?

Many pro-lifers in Poland including me are very glad with this statement of Constitutional Tribunal (in Poland, there is a different court system than in many countries, where is only the Supreme Court – we have Supreme Court like the last instance of process and CT to “judge laws” if they are coherent with the Constitution), so CT’s statement that piece of act from ‘93 that says “abortion is not punishable in case when preborn human is in serious condition” doesn’t fit our Constitution. We think all people deserve life, even when they have Down syndrome or don’t have one toe (children with these conditions were aborted!) and even when it’s a really serious condition like Edwards or Patau syndrome they deserve to die with dignity.

Last year the number of abortions in Poland was 1.110, 97% of them due to fetus malformation. Is this sentence the actual ban on abortion in Poland?

Unfortunately, we have still not punishable abortion in case of crime – that are statistically about 1 or 2 cases a year and cases when mother’s life or health is in danger. In this last case we stand in the same position as Catholic Church – when we are rescuing a mother and unfortunately the side effect of this is death of the baby – it is a hard situation but it is moral to rescue the mother, we can demand being hero, it isn’t even a sin in Church.

Anna Siarkowska, PiS MP, pointed that the objective of the pro-life MPs will focus on helping the families with disabled children. Does the pro-life movement offer support to those families?

Yes, we have some specific organisation like “Little feet brotherhood”, where Father Kancelarczyk with his co-workers helps every woman who is in a hard situation and is afraid to give birth. If we are speaking about little bit older people with disabilities, in Poland, there are 147 organisations affiliated by Church which are bringing help. I have personal contact with two of them “Jacob’s Ladder” from Warsaw led by Orionists and “KLIKA” which is connected with Dominicans from Cracow. There are so many happy and fulfilled people, who ,despite their disabilities, are climbing mountains in direct and indirect sense. People from KLIKA ,for example, made Camino way (4 of them on wheelchairs and 6 people who helped).

Why the protesters attacked the Polish churches last Sunday?

Because leaders of protest´s narration is that Poland became state of faith, or something like that. In fact, we are a Catholic country and a 40% of the population attend church every Sunday (in Warsaw about 20-25%, but in other regions 90% or more). Their leaders suggest that the Constitutional Tribunal issued this decision due to pressure from the Episcopate. But this is not true, in my opinion, the Episcopate has not been very forceful in this matter. 

The pro-life movement has suffered the violence of these groups, the infamous Margot is an example of this. However, the media, even in Poland, usually presents the aggressors as victims. Why?

Because there are many journalists and celebrities with leftists’ way of thinking, but even they can’t turn the truth into lies and lies into truth. Some people believed Margot at first, but, after some interviews with him, where he even can’t speak about himself as “she”, people started to see the truth.

About that, is it true that a journalist was fired because he called Margot a man?

Yes, in the leftist radio “Nowy Swiat”, a radio founded by progressist journalists who left the public radio because they were against the government. As they say, “the revolution eats its children”.

What do you think will happen in the next few weeks with these pro-abortion demonstrations?

I think many women, even these teenagers will see that they were fooled by the leaders of the protests. Many of them believe for example that, according new law, they would wait without medical help if their baby will die in the womb, they believe that they couldn’t decide if their life will be in danger, they are frightened because they see a lot of about 30 pictures children with really tragic malformations that are collected from 50 years of working of American Gynecological Society. And all of these things are not true, and it will be clear after some time. I believe that the protests will be smaller and smaller.

What is the next goal of the pro-life movement?

We should help involving these organisations that helps women in hard situation, that any women even will not think about abortion, because she will know that there will be help.

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