Interview with Alexander Schleyer, one of the leaders of the mission “Defend Europe”

In 2017, The Identitarian Movement realized a mission with Europe-wide participation in the Mediterranean in order to defend Europe. A group of young activists took action against the ships of supposed „humanitarian“ NGOs, which operated from harbours at the Italian coast.

Action was impressive enough to shock the left side of the mankind: the mainstream media reported “the failure” of the mission several times, while in the reality this unusual expedition succeeded to turn public attention to the darkest side of the globalist pink bubble and the involvement of liberal NGOs in quite nasty activities. Alexander Schleyer was one of the leaders of “Defend Europe” mission.

D.K.: Can you tell our readers a little about your organization’s ideology, goals and everyday work? Also, do you and your identitarian colleagues in Austria and Germany encounter harassment and other problems as a result of your views and actions?

A.S.: I am not part of any movement or party, however I am an individual, who supports Identitarian goals. The Identitarian Movement believes in the beautiful diversity of cultures and people from all over the world and hopes to preserve each of them. But at least, from my own experience you cannot discover and appreciate foreign cultures without a consciousness of your own heritage. Today the failed experiment of multiculturalism threatens to destroy this diversity and rob us of our homelands and unique culture. Multicultural society is at its heart mean, evil, cruel and has little solidarity. We therefore advocate a sustainable population policy and an end to mass immigration. Due to the soft dictatorship of leftist policy, a perverted morality becomes a replacement for political stability and laws, which leads to a social ostracism and eventually a complete national breakdown into chaos.

I have studied Literature and Geography, but don’t even think, I would be able to get a job in mainstream society today. I served eleven years in the armed forces until they told me, they wouldn’t need me anymore. My situation is not unique and stories like this go on and on and on…

D.K.: Can you tell the most interesting insights and conclusions of the expedition “Defend Europe”? What exactly was your role in it? How did you plan and organize this activity, how did you recruit the team? How was the cooperation with the Sri Lankan ship crew and how did you hire these people?

A.S.: Martin Sellner conceived this plan for the biggest right-wing action in recent decades, so it was he who planned all the aspects of our activities. As I previously told you I had served in the German Navy and this enabled me to obtain a nautical license which then allowed me to be employed on commercial vessels. So, this is how I was hired as Navigation Officer and was able to board our ship in Africa.

It’s common practice in the shipping industry, to charter commercial ships and hire crews from agencies, mostly based in Asia. So I am used to working with international crews and therefore sometimes it was not uncommon for me to be the only German on board the ship that I sailed on. This has been a common practice in the shipping industry for over half a century. Fortunately, the rest of the crew were absolutely cooperative and brave, and even went to jail with me. During this journey we actually got stuck in a gale which caused us to experience engine failure. Even when we ran out of provisions these men never gave up. They did a very good job and we are still in friendly contact with some of them.

D.K.: Did you turn to the responsible institutions with the evidence about liberal NGOs’ involvement in human trafficking, and if so, was there any success?

A.S.: It’s foolish, to believe, that governments and officials refuse to see, what the NGOs are really doing down there. We have to clarify, that they are not into smuggling directly! But what are actually doing is to act as instigators by encouraging migrants to set sail from the Libyan coast. This is because the NGOs know, that when these migrants get fished out after only traveling a few miles they will get to go directly to Europe.
Most of the NGOs don’t sail with professional crews, their captains often don’t even hold a maritime license and also their vessels are not manned with a crew of competent sailors. Usually this would be against the law, but many officials pretend not to see this and choose to look the other way. However, the undoubtedly a major success of our mission, was to be able to reveal to the public true facts about what’s really going on in the Mediterranean. As long as people are not affected to the consequences of mass immigration, most of them simply accept what politicians are falsely reporting about it. But as everyone can now see, shortly after we left, Malta and Italy closed their ports as public opinion began to change and started to become more critical.

D.K.: A few in the leftist media blamed your team for people smuggling – the very same crime which “Defend Europe” was meant to discover. What is your response to those people regarding these accusations?

A.S.: They used every dirty little trick in an attempt to disgrace us. When I started my contract in Africa, we had a bunch of Asian trainees on board, so they could gain some first hand sea experiences, which is also a common practice in shipping. These trainees packed their bags and were required to retain tickets for their trip back home to Cyprus. Unfortunately, a few of them were convinced by leftist NGOs and activists, whose identities I already know, to try and seek asylum. Most of the crew didn’t, but some did and told the officials the same old cock-and-bull-stories. However, I was responsible for all their documentation and paperwork from passports to sailors discharge books. This entire process is a huge bureaucratic nightmare! Me and my crew got taken to the local police station after staying one night alongside after a routine port control, where all passports and seamen discharge books are checked and reconciled with the crew lists to make sure, everyone on board has a suitable insurance, a proper contract and works legally. All the documentation was absolutely correct. Anyway, a few of the trainees seemed to seek for asylum, although they had their luggage packed for repatriation and held valid flight tickets back home. They told the police, they had paid 10.000 dollar to the ship’s officers to get brought to Italy. During the investigation I made clear, that we haven’t received any money, neither in cash nor on our bank account. Furthermore I showed them the ship’s logbook and our voyage planning on the charts to prove, that we won’t even have an Italian port of call. 

So therefore I know, that everything was in proper order and that all these problems were just acts of spitefulness. These dirty tricks caused me and my crew to end up in a Northern Cyprus jail, which was really the worst sh..thole I’ve ever been exposed to! We got imprisoned a few days during the investigation in the basement of the police station. You have about two square meters with steel bars, a ground of mashed earth, a cold neon light sparkling in from the hallway and you have to pee in the corner. The wardens treated us well, there’s nothing to complain about. And the court released us after four days, just before we should have sent to the main jail on Turkish mainland. It was truly not nice experience, but as Mark Twain mentioned, a man has to be in jail one time. Fortunately, we were able prove in front of the court, that we did everything correctly and therefore we couldn’t be criminally charged for anything. All of this is simply further proof, that the leftists and their government hacks will act ruthlessly against anyone, who attempts to criticize them. What I did learn from all this, is when attacked, to always fight back with even more determination. The lesson I learned, is that no European government has an instrument to impress me much anymore.

D.K.: What is your opinion about the future prospects of our civilisation? Is there a point in this resistance or is it just a noble symbolic gesture?

A.S.: Every civilisation and every culture has been in a dynamic development at some point. Migration and the change of social values is not just a phenomenon of nowadays. But with a long process of disbandment of family and social commitments, the permanent negotiation of values, as it is called by German politicians, an education to creeps and cowards combined with egomaniac individualism we cannot face the brutal force what we may expect and even already see in the suburbs of Paris, Berlin or London. Apart from political, sexual or religious opinions our society has never been as divided as it is now. Anyway, I cannot tell you anything new. I just try to find a way for myself. I was a sailor, a restless man of action, maybe a rightwing hippie. I can make a home at any nice place in this world – and there are plenty! For me, I can not give a sh..t about these decaying societies. My culture and my heritage is in my blood and heart, not in the place, where I might stay. Maybe most of us are searching for an adventure or a heroic gesture, but the glory days are gone. Everyone has to seek his own way of resistance, has to figure out, what their own possibilities are and how to make them come true.

D.K.: A year ago you released a book “Defend Europe: Eine Aktion an der Grenze” about the expedition. Where is it sold? Is it translated or planned to be translated into English?

A.S.: Yes, it was published by Antaios publishing house and can be purchased in almost every bookshop or via Amazon. Right now it’s not available in most foreign languages, but if everyone would please politely contact the publisher, he may consider having more translations made. I think, it is very important to have intellectual exchanges, so I really hope there will be many more translations coming available in the near future!

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