Intermarium – a geopolitical answer to geopolitical threat

(From the book “Par Nacionālu Valsti” (“On Nation State”), 2017.)

We often talk about the geopolitical threats but understanding about geopolitics is still vague in Latvia – post-communists use this word more often for the internal political intrigues and for advancement of their own careers. This is a time of confusion – as all times of change. We are situated between contradictions and we must find strength within ourselves to use this as an opportunity for advancement. We are not alone. “The New Europe” – lands between Baltic, Adriatic and Black seas, or Intermarium – carries within itself force of life. Eastern Europe knows what utopias in the name of “all mankind” means. The vitality of the region allows it to achieve more than Western European countries could achieve, even if they would wish for it.

Historically project of Intermarium existed as the attempt of Pilsudski to save region from the German “Drang nach Osten” and pan-Slavism of Russia. In some way countries of Visegrad Four (Poland, Hungary, Slovakia, Czech Republic) are heirs of this idea in today’s Europe. It is significant that these countries were strictly against the immigrant quotas. These countries have also constitutional limitations to same-sex “marriages”. Tendencies are positive – especially in the case of Hungary and Poland that are becoming national-conservative great-powers of the region. In both countries influence of liberalism is minimal – national-conservative forces control both parliament and all the other important governmental posts. Poland will have a growing economic and political influence, including regional influence, especially considering the potential fragmentation of Russia. At the same time attempt to create European Federation will end with the division of Europe in to several regional blocks, one of which will be the regional block of Central and Eastern Europe. [1]

Intermarium must become the new core of European Union – such a Union where the protection of local identities will be more important than protection of bankers. Where every member state will be more important to other member states then cooperation with Russia. Where the cultural and historical heritage of Europe will be respected, cultivated and continued, not destroyed in the process of Islamization. All this – in a strategic friendship with the U.S.

This regional block, that already existed between 14th and 18th centuries, can use all the possibilities of developing an alternative politics as such. Already in history Intermarium has been the bastion of Western freedom and values against the despotism from the East. Already in history Intermarium has triumphed over totalitarianism of Communism. Now the military aggression from Russia and ideological aggression from the European Commission must once again unite the region with the specific goal – to save our sovereignty and identity as a nation states. But this will be possible only when the countries between the Baltic and Black seas will search for a way to fight for the common interests together and will not search for the security guarantees separately. Russia achieves its goals in a long-term by concentrating on one state at the time. History shows that each individual Eastern European state is defenceless against Russia. Baltic States and Visegrad States should create a common block within the EU and after that attracting Balkan States, Romania, Moldova, Bulgaria, Ukraine and Georgia, creating a network of alliances located between the Baltic, Adriatic and Black seas. It would be necessary for the geopolitical security to foster the independence tendencies in the Kaliningrad region and involvement of Belarus in the alliance, so that the Baltic states would not be in a geographical isolation but would be closely connected with the strongest state of the region – Poland. Such a union would guard the Western culture both from the process of Islamization, that will weaken the Western Europe in the coming decades, and from the revanchist politics of Russia and its aggression against the Eastern border of Europe.

The regional block of Central and Eastern Europe could use the multipolarity in its own interests. Similarly, as after the First World War when according to the great geopolitical thinker Sir Halford Mackinder this region served as the “cordon sanitaire” between the two continental European Great Powers, so in the nearest future region could use the conflict between the U.S. and Russia to strengthen its sovereignty, independence and new form of nationalism. With such tactics, that is already used in a smaller scale by the Ukrainian nationalists, using them on a larger scale, changes in the whole continent could be achieved. Intermarium region has both the interest and the geopolitical weight to be counterpower to Russia, while not serving to the interests of globalists – to achieve this it is necessary to replace the post-communist elite that will continue to sabotage this idea in the countries of the region.

[1] Armin Rosen. Stratfor has 11 chilling predictions for what the world will look like a decade from now

(Business Insider

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    I’m an enthusiastic supporter of the Intermarium as the only viable means of uniting the ‘circumpolar people’ (all of us). Please let me know if I can advocate or help in any way.
    Curt Doolittle
    The Propertarian Institute
    Kiev, Ukraine

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