Impossible to support Le Pen…

While most European nationalists are waiting the elections in France with excitement and hopes for victory of Marine Le Pen, for an Intermarium nationalist prospects are either bad or very bad.

I know that for many nationalists this could seem wrong of me to say. Isn’t Marine Le Pen the one who could turn things around in Europe and bring back nationalism as the leading force in politics? Yes and no.
She would turn things around in Europe, indeed… but only in a chaotic way, that in the long term could not help neither Europe, nor France. I completely understand the hopes of the French people. France is one of the worst case of multicultural experiment in Europe. I admire the tolerance of French people, because they should me angrier and more nationalistic because of what the madness of mass immigration has done to the once beautiful Paris and other once Christian cities. If the Le Pen is expression of their anger, than this is the best scenario for those “welcomers” of generation 68’ who are responsible for the regular terrorist attacks against the peaceful citizens of France.

It is hard to imagine how could Le Pen or any other French politician could reverse the process of multiculturalism, considering how strong in demographics and faith is the parallel society that the multiculturalists have created in France. Indeed, the scenario described by a French writer Michel Houellebecq in his novel “Submission” seems more than possible – a Muslim party in near future could win the presidential election in France, with the support of Socialists.

But why it is impossible for an Intermarium nationalist to support Le Pen now, when the future of France is still not decided? Because if those who could rule decides not to, they are far more guilty than those without any power. France has the geopolitical weight to change and reform European Union in to a union of national states. Catholic France together with Catholic Poland (and Eastern Europe with it) could lead and re-generate Europe in to the great European continent it once was. It could simultaneously restrict the leading role of ultra-liberal Germany and neo-Bolshevik Russia and create the ideal checkerboard situation for a nationalist Europe to exist.

However, Le Pen has decided not to. She has repeatedly decided to allow Russia to steal the idea of conservativism and nationalism, while it is neither conservative nor nationalist. Russia does not support family, nor traditional values. Europeans have to be an example of real family values and real nationalism, instead of supporting the fake family values and fake nationalism of Russia. There is only one reason why Russia decided to use nationalism and conservativism as a tool in their geopolitical struggle – to discredit these values, to discredit true European patriots and to divide Europe. Russia does not want strong Europe – it is simply not in the interests in Russia. Strong Europe is only in our own interests as Europeans. Europeans themselves should lead European nationalism – I have said it again and again. But instead of leading and reforming European Union, Le Pen has decided to leave it. She has decided to leave Eastern Europe and give it to Russia, thus also losing any possible allies against the possible opponent of her new France – Germany. There will not be a domino effect in Europe that Le Pen waits so much. Only a division, if she decides to betray other Europeans for the friendship of Putin. Just like the ultra-liberal bureaucrats in Brussels, nationalism of Le Pen pushes away those in Eastern Europe who want neither federal Europe, nor neo-Bolshevik “alternative” of Putin’s Eurasian Union.

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