How Kremlin uses the left and the right side to achieve its geopolitical goals

Attempts to fool Western nationalists and the benefits of extreme liberalism for Russian propagandists

It is not a secret that the Kremlin wants to achieve desired results in target countries that correspond with their eventual goals. This is nothing unusual as actually most countries try to achieve some goals. In fact, the Kremlin continually plays geopolitical chess with the whole political spectrum in the West. For example, Nord Stream 2 project has a full support of German chancellor Angela Merkel, who is not counted as being part of either the left, nor right side of the ideological spectrum. So, what the Kremlin cleverly does is to put out propaganda intentionally designed for each part of their political audience. Currently, for both the left and right political sides the Kremlin has succeeded in serving up a captivating double game.

1.The creation of political correctness and Western self denial tradition by KGB

When Western left side intellectuals understood, that the working class might be too conservative for a worldwide revolution, they started to look for other “oppressed classes”. These processes actually started long ago – back in the 19th century. However, the left-leaning sympathies of Western intellectuals became very hard to defend after the crimes of Stalin’s regime became publicly known. In addition to the logical and irreversible discrediting of Stalinism there also began a noticeable decrease in members of the proletarian voter base. Therefore left-wingers had an urgent necessity to turn to alternative “oppressed classes” as a tool for radical social changes. For example, in 1960’s, the left side identified with radical black rights activist movements in the USA and peasant guerillas from Central America to the South China sea. The old Marxist plan of reforming society by destroying traditional values and introducing radical social changes has today been greatly expanded by people who call themselves liberals. These people can be on the left or right economically, but what they specifically focus on is – looking for oppressed classes, which today are found among different kinds of minorities (or artificially created groups or subcultures) – ethnic, sexual, gender-based or even based on diet and eating habits (like vegans). This liberalism has not much in common with the classical political ideology with the same name and its freedoms and respect for individuals. The only freedom in this degenerated form of liberalism is negative freedom. Disguised as being progress, fashion and “ the 21st century” they want to liberate us – even those of us, who do not want to be “ liberated” – from everything, that has mattered in the lives of human-beings for centuries: identity, fatherland, family, developed culture, beauty, and spirituality. In the liberal mind when someone is finally totally “liberated”, they can then receive the highest “award” – of being elevated into a class called “tolerant people”. To be clear, I will call this direction extreme liberalism from now on.

These processes took place in the West, while the other part of Europe was suffering under similarly twisted and powerful minds that used a lot harsher approach towards their opponents. When we freed ourselves of this iron fist, unfortunately, we did not come back home to the West as it had been, at the time when we were violently forced to leave it. During those decades the situation has changed a lot, but these processes did not happen without the “kind” assistance of the KGB. Let me offer some explanation and examples of the KGB’s efforts to fortify what was initially marginal extreme liberalism.

  • The former KBG agent Yuri Bezmenov alias Tomas Schuman (1939-1993), who switched sides during the Cold War, has given exhaustive descriptions of Cheka tactics, describing its ultimate intention as being a gradual ideological subversion of the West. Personally being in charge of this work for twelve years, Bezmenov describes in detail, how Cheka operatives turned feminist, LGBT and other „minority”  rights’  defender movements into becoming their influential agents in the USA and elsewhere in the West. Bezmenov exposed a four-stage scheme, which was intended to dismantle traditional Western society and its values with the help of these useful idiots. According to his discovered scheme, agents had to be infiltrated in media, marginal organizations and education system.
  • Latvian double-agent Imants Leshinskis alias Peter Dorn (1931-1985) as an official KGB man flooded information to the CIA and later asked for asylum in USA, which was granted. Leshinskis was the chairman of a de facto KGB structure – The Committee for Cultural Relations with Compatriots Abroad. Imants Leshinskis was in charge of splitting and weakening the Latvian community in exile. Also Leshinskis points to one of the several directions that KGB used to reach their dishonorable goals, which also corresponded with Bezmenov’s described activities at the same time: the establishing of contacts with ultra-liberal and left radicals among the exile Latvian youth. These attempts were successful. As Leshinskis writes, these radicals came from wealthy, nationalistic Latvian families: „Influenced by the movements against the war in Vietnam, against Iranian shah and so on, they had decided not to fight against the Soviet Latvia, but to assist it.”
  • The former CIA agent Kent Clizbe thinks, that the efforts of Bolsheviks to subvert the West started soon after the violent coup in 1917, when Lenin understood, that the worldwide Bolshevik revolution would not succeed without a little assistance. The goal of the efforts of Bolshevik agents was to destroy the fabric and moral core of the American nation. Clizbe also points out, that the KGB focuses on infiltrating its message in the media, Hollywood, and educational system. Moreover, this influence has been covert and, according to Clizbe, it still continues. Many American progressives eagerly joined these new organizations which were in fact funded and led by communists. Those, who were not involved directly, accepted the slogans created by communists as their new gospel. The goal of the KGB was to make Americans believe, that the state is bad (and surprisingly, the so called “ failed state” rhetoric is widely used as a weapon in current Russian informational attacks on different kinds of targets both on this and the other side of the former iron curtain!). In his book „Willing accomplices” Clizbe describes, how KGB created the ideology of political correctness, which included the message that traditional society was a stronghold of racism, sexism, xenophobia, which therefore should be destroyed. This message is a gospel of nowadays extreme liberals. Clizbe regards Willi Műnzenberg (1889-1940) as a father of this political correctness. Műnzenberg was close coworker in the Comintern and Soviet secret police (later Cheka). As a very talented propagandist he invented the practice, which is in full bloom in the “current century”:  of  branding any critic of the dogmas of political correctness as an evil, and probably stupid bigot. Clizbe mentions also other KGB influence agents working alongside Műnzenberg, like for instance, Walter Duranty, “ New York Times” correspondent in Moscow, the winner of the Pulitzer prize 1932, who successfully covered up Holodomor, and Dorothy Parker, who established the Hollywood Anti-Nazi League and other similar organizations with seemingly positive intentions. Such groups attracted many celebrities.
  • Also American activist and author Robert Welch in his famous speech of 1958 warns of the same issues – in his opinion the communists will try to constantly hammer on the American consciousness and systemically disassemble US sovereignty piece by piece, and introduce a willingness to surrender in the entire free world.

The result of all these processes is widespread self-denial of the West, loss of survival instinct and the wildest cases of public madness, like “gender studies”, for example. This political correctness continues to take on more and more grotesque forms. Today, any expression of pride about one’s ancestors and cultural heritage can be interpreted as being forms of racism and hatred. Even intellectual discussion about the “forbidden” topics, which are considered to be axioms by the extreme liberals, are scorned, jeered at, and silenced. The Orwellian described new speech and self-censorship now hits an all time high. Naturally, the growth of such hypocrisy and narrow mindedness can only create opposition among logically thinking people.

2.Offering a false alternative for oppressed and neglected members of society

Shockingly, some liberals in both Europe and the United States’ are adopting a very hysterical and hypocritical position; the complete unwillingness to allow the basic human right of political representation and free speech to conservatives and nationalists. This situation then leads to some of the remaining nationalists to look for the allies in the craziest of places. Therefore, for many of these people, Putin’s regime seems to offer an alternative, which is – an imaginary Russia that they foolishly see as being a stronghold of nationalism, morality, Christianity and traditional values. Of course, we understand, that this fantasy is a complete oxymoron. Whatever values Putin has are entirely based on political expediency. Westerners need to recognize that Russia is only interested in a weak, and not a strong Europe. Fortunately, most of us, who were forced to live under Russian domination are able to see through these falsehoods, which many Western right wingers seem blind to – either by naivety or wishful thinking:

  • Putin has publicly declared, that the collapse of USSR was the greatest geopolitical catastrophe of 21st century;
  • Monuments for Stalin and similar figures are recently being raised all over Russia;
  • Moscow is one of the most islamized capitals in Europe – Russian nationalists speculate, that Russians are already minority in this city;
  • Russia is basically a multicultural empire, which tries to absorb and destroy European nation states;
  • The rates of divorce, abortions, drug abuse, alcoholism, murders, corruption and prostitution are sky high – higher than in any Western country;
  • Orthodox church has been long-time servant of the regime;
  • There is uncontrolled influx of Muslim immigrants from Central Asian countries (also that part of Western right side, which is brutally bribed by Kremlin, should understand one thing: if the speed of Islamification continues, then Russia is not far away from becoming a new caliphate with nuclear weapons);
  • Eastern regions are now being taken over by massive influxes of Chinese;
  • The true Russian nationalists are harassed and imprisoned for fake criminal cases;
  • Russia has been involved in creating the migration crisis, which shook Europe (undirectly – by refugee flows caused by military intervention in Syria; directly – by encouraging migrants to head for the EU: some senior security officials from NATO border-countries claim, that there are many FSB agents among human traffickers; and let’s not forget about the “arctic” route of the migrants, which goes through Russia);
  • Russia uses Western obsession with “tolerance” to use its compatriots, planted around its perimeter in target countries, as a 5th column, strengthened with the hands of liberals (for example, EC human rights commissioners…etc.);
  • Russia accuses its neighbors for the rebirth of “Nazism” and “ fascism” along with the violation of “minority rights” in organizations like UN;
  • American right-wingers might be surprised about the strict gun control laws in Russia;

…and so on.

Who else could get away with such a list and still pretend to be a fortress of nationalism?

In this respect many Western rightists are oddly similar to the 20th century leftists who succumbed to the fairytale of Stalinism. They should understand, that Russia is only interested in a weak and self-denying West. Therefore, Russia also promotes the curse of the extreme liberalism. The fact, that Russia uses the ugliest examples of this madness to brighten up its own image, does not mean active resistance to it, as Western nationalists often misunderstand. These misunderstandings are perhaps partly a result of unawareness about the Russian mentality, because Western people often try to explain the obvious things through their own prism. They underestimate the differences in mentalities, which are actually indeed large. As Latvian Independence war leading general Radziņš described it:

“Western Europe does not know the nature of Russia. [..] Russia is a puzzle, which no foreigner has ever been able to solve; but everyone, who has tried to guess Russia’s secrets with force, has drowned in it.” He emphasized Russian “the worse, the better” way of thinking and quoted a Russian saying “what is healthy for a Russian, is deadly for a foreigner”. Similar conclusions came from German chancellor Bismarck, who, by the way, understood the Russian language and had served as Prussian ambassador in Russia.

I do not think that Western rightists should try to guess Russia’s secrets. What they should do is that they must try to avoid a betrayal of part of their own civilization like the West did at Yalta and Potsdam after the 2nd World War.

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