Flemish nationalism- a new favorite in latest Belgian poll

Two weeks ago, as a result of disagreements regarding the UN-migration pact, the Belgian government collapsed, which then forced premier Charles Michel to announce his resignation as leader of the center-right coalition.

Since then, an important Belgian newspapers (f.i., Het Nieuwsblad) have conducted polls in an attempt to discover the temperature of Flemish and Walloon voters 5 months before the next elections. Center-right and moderate Flemish nationalist N-VA (former member of the government) would once again receive more than 30% of the Flemish votes. The far right and radical separate Vlaams Belang party would attract some 12.5% of the votes. So, if nationalists in Flanders could now win over 42% of Flemish voters, this could then be an historic moment.

Another winner in this first poll, after the fall of the government, would be the ecologist, left political party Groen with 14%. Along with N-VA, the Greens seem to be the other political party with the highest growth potential.
The losers? All the traditional party’s in Flanders: Social democrats would only attract 9.7% of the voters, a historical low percentage. Liberals some 11%, and Christian democrats with 15%.

Belgium is a country with two democracies, as we nationalists have always put it. There is a Flemish democracy, with it’s own political affinities (see above), and there is a Walloon democracy. The center-right Liberals in French speaking Belgium (Wallonia) would only attract under 20% of the votes in Walloon Belgium. Socialists would do better in Walloon Belgium with 25%, and the extreme left in Walloon Belgium would probably get more than 10%, also the leftist Green party would get about 20%.

As everyone probably already knows, Belgium is currently going through a major political crisis. Previously, during the 2010 political negotiations, in this very complex country it took some 541 days to form a new government. Today, with the likelihood of a center-right Flanders and a center-left Wallonia, things could even get worse.

Peter Logghe

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