Finnish parliamentary nationalists take a firmer stance in right wing

In my last article, I talked about The Finns Party being in the Finnish government and doing its part in dealing with the migrant crisis. I mentioned our party’s upcoming congress in summer of 2017 where a new chairman and presidium would be chosen. This has happened, and on 10th of June 2017 members of our party made a historical change. Now our chairman is Jussi Halla-aho, a well-known immigration-critic and EU-critic. Every vice-president is also anti-immigration, anti-Islam and anti-EU. In this way, our party made clear its position in politics.

The Finns Party as a parliamentary party has chosen a different path, a more courageous path of right-wing populism, joining the ranks of other populist parties of Europe. Our party was fed up with the current situation and demands more actions against immigration and terrorism. With the victory of Macron in France and negotiations of Brexit, the EU commission will want more integration as a step closer of being a federal state than a union. We in the Finns Party oppose this development.

The party itself was not the only thing to change. The Finns Party Youth has decided to leave European Young Conservatives group and seeks now the new ways of doing international cooperation. European Young Conservatives is no longer just European; it wants to expand its ranks all around the world. We in the Finns Party Youth didn’t like this trend and also we despised having Erdogan’s AK party in EYC. It is truly horrid that such dictator’s party’s youth organization is allowed to be in a European Young Conservatives, an organization funded by the EU. Estonian Blue Awakening also left the EYC, for similar reasons.

The Finns Party are no longer in the government, but continue now doing strong politics in opposition. Next parliamentary elections are in 2019, so we have two years to gather more popularity and win the elections. With the leadership of Jussi Halla-aho, we will have strong argumented immigration criticism. He is known for his debating skills and sharp mind, which will scare many political opponents. He has also mentioned possible cooperation with the Swedish party Sverigedemokraterna, which has become the most popular party in Sweden with its immigration critique.

Personally, I believe this to be a fresh start for our party. We have succeeded before, but we will succeed even better in the future. From now on, we will concentrate more on issues that concern our voters. We want to stop the islamisation process that is happening in Europe. We want to restrict immigration and give more funding to police and intelligence. Europe is in a security alert because of EU’s inability to control its outer borders. This has led to nations taking the matter into their own hands. We know that loose politics in immigration are fertile ground for Islamic terrorism. Poland has had the strictest rules and no one single terror attack has happened there.