Culture wars

*Excerpt from the article “Culture wars: leftists against the Right in U.S.A., Europe and Latvia.”

We are part of the Western world and sooner or later all the tendencies from the U.S. and Western Europe arrives to us also. This has given us a certain amount of time to estimate what is happening, to look at the consequences in other countries and choose the right response. But time for thinking will soon be over. (..)

Considering this, I will compile only few of the lessons from culture wars that we should know:

  1. Those who are not on the Right at the beginning later join the left. Therefore, it is important at the first stages of the process to understand the essence of this phenomena, understand the nature of enemy and to firmly take the position from which it is forbidden to step back. By educating others about the ideological context of the process that is happening it is now that we must create a conservative civil society. Right leaning people are usually associated with farming, military, study of history and other humanities (in which the leftist influence is not strong yet.), respectively – all those that know how dear our homeland is, homeland won by our ancestors. The stronger these areas of life, the stronger will be our people against the leftist ideological subversion;
  2. It is important to get educated, to fight for influence and to work in a system. There is no other way to win. Even more important than the parliamentary majority is the metapolitical majority – in media, universities, civil service. It is necessary to have a change to strengthen the conviction in the consciousness of society about such traditional values as family, nation and homeland. It cannot be achieved by laws only.
  3. Leftists achieve their results by being “acceptable” and “respectable” to most of the society. We must be organized and reveal their true intentions and consequences of their insane policies in the West. We shouldn’t allow the leftists to hide under the mask of “respectability”. But even more important – the Right itself should be acceptable and respectable. In no way we should let us be marginalized by leftist provocations (for example, “Pride” parades).
  4. In our attitude towards leftists we should remember that they are at the same time a huge threat, but also – insignificant. Let me explain – you should not underestimate small, vile people in large groups. Their destructive actions must be resisted as much as possible. But you should not focus too much on them, as they are not the masterminds behind the plan – only the puppets. Let us remember that the main enemy is international financial globalism that sponsors the leftists and uses them as a tool for the disintegration of traditional societies, for their amalgamation in to a huge “melting pot”. As the German historian Oswald Spengler wrote a century ago – there is no leftist revolution that doesn’t have the big money behind it. And every revolution only opens new paths for the money power. The question of culture wars in our country is therefore a question about the economic power in our country – should it be in the hands of the producing economy of Latvia or the speculative international financial power;
  5. Culture wars are a problem for the whole Western world – every nation on its own cannot win the leftists. We see the pressure that Poland and Hungary has to experience. Therefore, we need a broader collaboration in a European level (as much as our geopolitical interests allow), by exchanging information and experience and mutually supporting each other. Globalism cannot be defeated locally only.
  6. Finally, we must remember what is at stake – further existence of our nation and future of our children. Independence of the state is not the end-station, but a means for securing the existence of the nation. The struggle does not end with one or another vote in the parliament – it happens every day by struggling for the human hearts and minds. We must change our thinking and realize that ideological subversions are not less dangerous that military threats – usually they are the forerunners of these threats. If we take seriously the threats of a military invasion from the east, then we should take seriously attacks on the “core of culture” of our nation – our values and ideals.

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