“Black Lives Matter” and Antifa as part of a wider Communist movement in the West

Orgy of violence

The death of black american George Floyd during his arrest on May 25, 2020, which was also filmed and widely distributed on the Internet, caused a wave of outrage and condemnation throughout the Western world. The outrage escalated into protests, but the protests almost instantly erupted in to riots. Subsequent medical findings on the role of fentanyl and methamphetamine in Floida’s death were no longer relevant: the Black Lives Matter (BLM) movement had found its martyr, which it had long sought to substantiate its conspiracy theory about a systematic persecution of blacks from the white racist police. It had previously tried to make Dreajson Reed such a martyr, but the facts about his criminal episodes were too blatant to succeed. In addition, the policeman who shot him was also black. And although George Floyd had been tried eight times and was imprisoned for robbery, the BLM and the media emphasized that he was a changed person. Floida was arrested under the influence of drugs in connection with a report of an attempt to use a counterfeit banknote. The suitability of the force used by the police for the situation is, of course, always a sensitive topic, but in the summer no one discussed it anymore – how the story was presented was more important. And what happened next had nothing to do with George Floyd, the importance of black lives, or other pretexts. It was an orgy of violence and looting by left-wing radical organizations against traditional America, which they consider fascist.

Small entrepreneurs suffered the most. While trying to defend himself from a robbery shop in Minneapolis, a woman in a wheelchair was beaten and sprayed with a fire extinguisher.

Person sprayed with fire extinguisher

Two months after a building was burned in Minneapolis, a human corpse was found – the person had died in a fire. The killings of several security guards and police officers followed. One of them was 77-year-old retired police captain David Dorn, who tried to stop the robbers. David Dorn was black. 22-year-old woman was shot dead during the protests for no reason by one of the protesters. An 8-year-old girl was shot in a car that was trying to get around illegally built barricades. Both the victim and the killer were blacks. Similarly, several people were shot dead in Seattle’s autonomous “CHAZ” zone, an area of ​​several city blocks that had been completely taken over by left-wing radicals for three weeks. Seattle police had 60 wounded in clashes with left-wing radicals in a span of one weekend. Bottles, stones, boards and explosives were thrown at the police. I emphasize that this was just one weekend in the riots that lasted for months. In one case, “protesters” tried to set fire to a police station while using fast-drying cement to prevent police officers from escaping. 113 policemen in Portland gained eye injuries from “protesters” that used lasers. Episodes of this kind of violence were no exception among the peaceful protests, but an integral part of the protests. In addition, the intensity of organized violence, and at the same time its futility, tended to increase. On August 29, Aaron Danielson, a supporter of President Trump, was shot dead on a street in Portland. Killer – Antifa activist. Danielson’s death caused great excitement among Antifa and BLM activists. BLM / Antifa later attacked a rally of Trump supporters in the US capital for exercising their democratic right to assemble.

With at least two dozen victims according to official statistics, the protests turned out to be much more deadly for blacks than the “racist police”, not to mention the economic damage and the rise of Covid cases soon after the mass protests began. This is also acknowledged by black conservative activist Candace Owens.

Candace Owens tweet

Media reaction

The violence was also transmitted to Europe. Although Britain had nothing to do with the death of George Floyd or “systemic racism”, 27 police officers were injured in “essentially peaceful protests”, as the BBC described them. Calling the riots “peaceful” last summer became an absurdity clear to anyone – Orwellian clown world.

A group of people riding horses
CNN fake news

There is no denying that by looking at the overall length of the protests and comparing them to episodes of intense violence, they look purely statistically “peaceful”, just as the Titanic’s journey was largely successful, not counting one episode. However, such designations helped to hide what was happening, rather than to reflect it.

“Black Lives Matter” (BLM) – radical Marxist organization

The official rationale for the BLM’s work can be read in its title, which is the advocacy of black lives. Lazy consumer of pop-culture who does not know the history of left-wing radicalism won’t see any problems in this organization. However, those who pay attention about which lives BLM are talking about will notice that they are most often very controversial individuals, to say the least. The BLM follows a very basic algorithm – if the police shoots a black man, it is racism, but the victim is a martyr. The details don’t matter. Even if it is violence against women, as in the case of Rayshard Brooks and Jacob Blake. The details are irrelevant, as the BLM is an ideological organization that often uses lies and half-truths to intensify its propaganda against the police and the United States as such, with the aim of eliminating the police and replacing it with “community-based” security. Such calls to deprive the state of its monopoly of violence and hand it over to the revolutionaries is nothing new – the Bolsheviks did the same when their goal was to destroy Tsarist Russia. Of course, after the takeover, the power of the state repressive apparatus grew to unprecedented proportions. But what such BLM “community-based security” means could be seen in Seattle’s “CHAZ” area, where shootings became commonplace. But that’s not all – BLM’s tenets include disrupting the Western family model, but shoplifting during protests was called “reparations” by the BLM Chicago organizer.

Graphical user interface, application

The BLM has succeeded in presenting itself as something new and unprecedented, even respectable, attracting huge financial resources ($ 90 million in 2020), but this organization is expressing nothing more than Marxism. The origins of the BLM can be traced back to two historic Communist organizations, the Black Liberation Army (BLA) and the Weather Underground (WU).

BLA logo

BLA was a Communist “black power” organization active in the United States in the 1970s, responsible for the murders of about 20 police officers. The method and tenets of the BLA are similar to those of the BLM – a decentralized organization whose cells operated independently of each other but at the same time in harmony with each other. Ideologically, it opposed capitalism, racism, sexism, and in order to prevent this, the BLA wanted to dismantle the existing US system and establish “Socialist relations” between blacks. BLA leader Asata Shakur is source of inspiration to the BLM  and her quotes (which are actually “Communist Manifesto quotes”) are used in BLM propaganda materials for schools. BLM founder Alicia Garza calls Shakura her source of inspiration. After escaping from prison, Shakura went to Cuba, where he found political asylum. This likely indicates pre-existing links with the Communist regime, as we will see in the examples of other organizations. Shakura is still on the list of the most wanted terrorists in the United States.

BLM is an organization which mourned the death of Fidel Castro by writing a glorifying article about the Communistic dictator. Another founder of BLM Patrise Cullors admits – „We are trained marksists”. But who trains them? In the case of Cullors it is Eric Mann – former leader of the „Weather Underground” movement (WU).

Terrorist logo
Logo of “Weather Underground

WU together with BLA is probably the most radical left terorist organization in the history of USA. Unlike more pacifistic antiwar movements, WU chose to realize partizan war against the USA government or „bring the war home”, as they called it. In the 1960ties and 70ties WU organized bombings against USA government buildings and banks, which just by coincidence were not lethal.

WU leaders, currently academics in USA education system, were nothing like „flower children”. They cheered Charles Manson, the murderer of actress Sharon Tate, and in their meetings discussed creating „reeducation camps” after the takeover of power, which according to their calculations would demand murdering of 25 million people. WU also created the term „white privilege”, which currently has become generally accepted idea in the left circles and main stream pop-culture. WU was taught and its action was supported and coordinated by Cuban security service (Dirección de Inteligencia). KGB used Cuba as an intermediary for operations in Northern Americaterrorist camps for foreigners in Cuba were coordinated by KGB colonel Vadim Kotchergin.

That is the history of BLM. The present is desacrated monuments of fallen soldiers and victims of Communism in Washington.

Desecrated memorial
Desecrated statue

The present is taking part in the organization “Movement for Black Lives” (M4BL), which expresses traditional Communist slogans: “Until we are able to overturn US imperialism, capitalism and white supremacy, our brothers and sisters around the world will continue to live in chains.” With the “Democracy for America” (DFA) political action committee M4BL has found a strong lobby in the Democrat party. The present of BLM is active cooperation with the USA Antifa network. As journalist Andy Ngo writes – in this symbiosis Antifa has gained legitimacy by using the divisions of USA on the racial question, while BLM has gained a “muscle” to be used in the streets against their opponents.[1]

Antifa – the street extension of the Left

Ngo describes Antifa as an anarcho-Communistic group or rather a network of groups, which attacks nationalists, conservatives and just random people for the sake of „antifascism”. Violence is part of Antifa ideology and mithology. In the view of Antifa the existence of national countries as such is „fascistic” (not even mentioning the „embodiment of evil” – USA), therefore any means are justifiable (one of the Antifa organizations is even called „By Any Means Necessary”). Antifa works according to techniques developed for years: they use mob psychology to start riots; track their oponents, leak their personal data and home address on internet; use social networks to mobilize vandals, as for instance, to desacrate and tear down the statue of George Washington in Portland. It was the Antifa that were the main organizers and participants of the BLM riots – those were not spontaneous processes. Antifa repudiates the idea the private property therefore they do not see any moral obstacles to vandalize a property. Antifa has redefined violence too: everything what Antifa does is „ self-defence”, while everything done by the oponent is „violence”, even if it is just expressing the opinion.

Desecrated statue
The torn down and desecrated statue of George Washington in Portland

Although media and Democrat politicians deny the existence of Antifa or try to downplay the significance scale of its violence, Antifa is an organization (Antifa admits it), even if decentralized. Antifa has their inner guidelines and training, including training in the use of violence (for example – how to gouge out the oponents eye…). Antifa has also created a network of support organizations around itself, which saves it from the troubles with law, and supporters in media – ideological, as well as „pragmatic” ones, who use information illegaly obtained by Antifa hackers for „investigative journalism”. It is worth to notice Antifa argumentation regarding the freedom of speech – it is not absolute but must be limited for “fascists”. Who are “fascists” – that is very deliberately decided by Antifa.

The historical roots of modern Antifa are not surprising and show the „culture war” revolution as a guided process once again. USA Antifa is united in „Torch Network”. The domain of the network is registered under the name of Michael Novick. Michael Novick is… a former member of Weather Underground, thereby the link between the KGB organized Cold War Leftist terorists and modern Antifa, as well as one more link between Antifa and BLM.

But the roots of Antifa are not in the USA, where it is quite new and imported phenomena. The ideas and methods are taken over from Europe, where they have a long history.

The guided revolution – German link

The paramilitary wing of the Communist Party of Germany „Antifaschistische Aktion” (or shortened – Antifa), which existed 1932-1933, are predecessors of modern Antifa. Antifa inherited traditions of the former German Communist paramilitary organization “Alliance of Red Front-Fighters” (“Roter Frontkämpferbund”, RFB). It was forbidden in 1929.

Communist logo
RFB symbol was clenched fist. Does it remind something?
BLM logo
Communist gathering
Antifa chose a symbol of two red flags as their logo – one symbolizes Communism and the other one – socialism.
Antifa logo

This logo in a little modified version is used by modern Antifa. The colour of one of the flags is changed to black – symbolizing the idea of anarchism.

Returning to the Communist Party of Germany and its Antifa wing it, should be emphasized that this party was completely subjected to the USSR Stalinist line and discipline. According to the commands from Moscow Antifa fought against… social democrats that were considered the true fascists. After Hitler’s rising to power Antifa went in underground and came out of it after the World War II. Further Antifa developed in two directions.

The institutionalized Antifa emerged in the Communist controlled Eastern Germany. The successor of the Communist Party of Germany – The Socialist Unity Party of Germany  (“Sozialistische Einheitspartei Deutschlands“, SED) built one of the most repressive Socialist regimes in the afterwar Europe. Its secret police „Stasi” (moto – „The shield and sword of the party” ) closely cooperated with KGB. „Stasi” mainly spied on and manipulated their own citizens by using wide spy network and psychological operations to discredit and harm the mental health of the „enemies of socialism”. To hold Germans off from fleeing from this „progressive” worker paradise the Communist regime built the Berlin wall, officially called „Anti-Fascist Protection Rampart” (“Antifaschistischer Schutzwall“).

Meanwhile in Western Germany Antifa was reborn as a network of anarcho-Communist cells, which were inspired not as much from Stalin, but more from Mao and Western „New Left” anti-authoritarian ideas. Western German Antifa cooperated with the terrorist group The Red Army Faction (“Rote Armee Fraktion“, RAF). RAF was carrying out with political assasinations, kidnappings, bombings, as well as involved in many shootings, in which also completely unrelated people suffered. Altogether RAF is responsible for murders of 35 people. Like WU, RAF was organized and supported by secret services – „Stasi”  of Eastern Germany, which were de facto KGB intermediaries.

After the collapse of Eastern Communist Bloc Antifa continued to expand in other parts of Europe and created organization in Sweden in 1993. The actions of Antifa in Sweden is very typical to these organizations. For instance, in 2007 Swedish Antifa subjected to threats and vandalism a judge who had made a decision to deport several Iraqis from Sweden – they poured a paint on his housedoor and left an axe by the door as a threat. Antifa also published the addresses and phone numbers of this judge and his colleagues with a call for people to get in touch with them and „ask what are they doing”. USA Antifa was started exactly from Swedish branch.

But what happened to the Communist Party of Germany/SED? After the fall of the Wall of Berlin it renamed itself to the “Party of Democratic Socialism”, (“Partei des Demokratischen Sozialismus“, PDS), but in 2007 to “The Left” (“Die Linke”), taking over “progressive” ideas about homosexual marriage, immigration, ecology and feminism. Germany’s “The Left” are proud of their Communistic roots. Even the party’s office stands in the same place where the headquarters of the Communist Party of Germany were located – in the building that is named after Karl Liebknecht, founder of that party.

Start: DIE LINKE. Karl-Liebknecht-Haus
Headquarters of KPD…
and of “Die Linke”

Party’s think tank “Rosa Luxemburg Foundation” (“Rosa-Luxemburg-Stiftung“) is named after the second founder of the Communist party – Rosa Luxemburg. To this foundation we will get back in the following articles.

The link between Germany’s far-left and Moscow has also not disappeared. Even though mainstream media concentrates fully on Germany’s far-right links to Russia, it is hard to find party with a more pro-Kremlin stance than “The Left”. In their program they demand to abolish NATO and “replace it with collective defence system, where Russia takes part, and the main goal would be disarmament”. “The Left” declared in 2014 that Ukraine should not receive any aid from Germany as long as “it is governed by fascists”. Parliamentarians of the “The Left” also paid a visit to terroristic Donetsk and Lugansk “people’s republics”.

Kreisie no Bundestāga Volfgangs Gehrke (3. no kreisās) un Andrejs Hunko ar separātistu līderi Zaharčenko Doņeckā - tiešsaistes vietnē novorossijanews.ru
“The left” politicians in Donbass

“The Left” politicians were also the first who announced that Crimea belongs to Russia and they take part in Russia’s election rituals as “observers”.

Two Communists standing
Vladimir Putin – former KGB agent in Eastern Germany – with the leader of “The Left” Andreas Maurer

“Progressivism” as a mutation of Communism

All the organizations mentioned above are characterised by the fact that their image and public communication do not, at least superficially, resemble Communism in the USSR. It certainly is like that, but it is related to the transformation of Communism in the West, in contrast to the ideological stagnation of Communism in the USSR. By being marginalized and losing the support of the working class, Western Communists were forced to reshape their strategies and communications to continue to exist in a Western welfare state. They succeeded not only in continuing to exist, but even in starting a real revival of Communism.

Let us look again at the example of the US, as at least today the US is the leading Western country, where internal events influence all the other countries as well. The Communist Party USA (CPUSA), founded in 1919, has failed to gain any direct political influence over the century, because the US public was immune to the ideology of Socialism and Communism. Yet it served as a USSR intelligence agency in the US for its spy operations and secondary “front-line organizations” that shaped public opinion without advertising its Communist ideology. In the process, Communists relied on the liberal “useful idiots” who sympathised with different kinds of “progressive” projects.[2]

Some of the Communist secondary organisations:

• Matachine society – the first U.S. “Gay Liberation” organization, founded in 1950. Its founder Communist Harry Hay was also an active supporter of the pedophilic organization NAMBLA (“North American Man/Boy Love Association”).

• “National Lawyers Guild” (NLG) is an organisation of lawyers that stands for “fighting fascism” and “human rights over property rights” since 1937. NLG lawyers are active in defending Antifa and ensuring that its members avoid responsibility for organised riots.

• “Black radical congress” resembles the BLM movement, judging by the program. This is supported by the honorary chairman of the “Democratic Socialists of America”, DSA, left wing of the Democrat Party, Cornell West.

The origins of DSA (Bernie Sanders, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez) also point to Communistic descent. Its predecessor organisation was the “New American Movement” (NAM), led by the son of the leader of the Los Angeles US Communist Party, Dorothy Healey, with her own active participation in the organisation and later becoming the DSA vice-chair. On the other hand, NAM was created from “Students for a democratic society” (SDS). While the terroristic group “Weather Underground” was created as a cessation from the SDS. Thus, it is no surprise that DSA supports Antifa and even installed its recruitment tent in THE CHAZ zone.

Students for a Democratic Society (2006 organization) - Wikiwand
The SDS used the traditional Communist symbol in their logo – the clenched fist.

The success of these organisations would not be possible without a Marxist reinterpretation – abandoning the idea of class fighting, replacing it with a relationship between “oppressors” and “victims” that can include immigrants, sexual minorities, students and other groups of society that are “oppressed” by the traditional culture of the West. This “oppressed” combination in the fight against “oppressors” is called intersectionality.

These theories of neo-Marxism were further developed by the so-called “Frankfurt school” Marxists who entered the US from Germany in the 1930s and in fact created modern sociology. One of the key figures is Herbert Marcuse, who was a faculty member at both Columbia and later Harvard universities. Marcuse combined Marxism with Freud’s ideas of “sexual oppression,” creating the ideological basis for the anti-authoritarian contra-revolution of the 1960s. Herbert Marcuse was also the mentor of the US Communist Party leader activist Angela Davis. Angela Davis’s trips to Moscow and praises for “the great name of Lenin” do not require comments.

A picture containing person, indoor, person, sitting
H. Marcuse with A. Davis

Another “contribution” of Marcuse is an idea of “repressive tolerance” that can be described briefly as a tolerance for everything that promotes leftist “progressive” ideas and intolerance to opponents. This is just one example in which leftist intellectuals have completely changed the meaning of words to legitimise their undemocratic activities. That is exactly what “tolerance” is practised by the heirs of Communism these days. Similarly, ideas developed by the “Frankfurt School” include a “critical theory” directed at various aspects of society, seeking signs of “power structure” and “oppression”. Combined with French postmodernism theories, these ideas, which have been driven into the heads of several generations of students, are those that now dominate Western society institutions and mass culture. Teaching of “Critical racial theory”, which was cancelled by the former President Trump, is essentially “Weather Underground” idea of “white privilege”, but an academic version. It has little relation to science, but more with propaganda that states racist view that only white Americans can be racists and every white American gains from “institutionalized racism”. Those trained in “Critical race theory” are the ones that overflow public with message that racism is everywhere.

Graphical user interface, text
A picture containing text, water, shore

“Antiracism” courses are the norm in US public institutions and businesses. Coca-Cola employees, for example, were told in a lesson that they had to be “less white”. The course’s author, Robin DiAngelo, who has written the influential book “White Fragility”. The book’s idea shows very well the nature of Marxist manipulative ideas – white Americans must either admit their innate racism because any denial of this racism is “white fragility” that shows they are truly racist. Others have gone further: Professor Noel Ignatyev, associate with the US Communist Party and “Students for the Democratic Society”, promoted the idea of “abolishing white race”, adding, of course, that this “white race” is a “social construct”.

It is important to mention this cocktail of toxic ideas and its widespread spread, as it forms the spiritual environment in which BLM/Antifa riots, limitations of freedom of expression and open hatred of Western culture and Europeans has become the new norm. Desecration of the statues of George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, Winston Churchill are only possible in an environment where the absurd notion that every white man is racist has become widely acceptable. To mock the feelings of American patriotism, on the overturned George Washington Monument phrase “white fragility” was written – if you don’t like your cultural heritage being destroyed, then you are guilty yourself, racist!

The dominance of leftist ideas in mass culture puts pressure on politicians, who are fearful of coming into confrontation with public-opinion makers. Combined with the increasing influence of the left-wing in political parties and the BLM/Antifa network, it leads the Western community and the US to an ever greater divisions with no conceivable solution – it is not a conflict between two parties that interpret it differently as managing the country but a conflict between patriots and those who want to destroy the country.

It is important to mention that the attitudes of young Communists towards capitalism and globalisation have also changed significantly. Pragmatic cooperation has come to the fore of an earlier uncompromising war. BLM/Antifa accepts the money of transnational corporations because it coincides with the new Communism strategy described in the “21st Century Communism manifesto” (the characterization of Communist Slavoj Žižek) “Empire” — not to oppose globalization but to accelerate it and use it to introduce Communism on a global scale.[3] As Lenin said, capitalists themselves will buy a rope in which the Communists will hang them.

The influence of the left is increasing while cowardly politicians are at the behest of the vandals – at the very culmination of 2020, 13 US cities reduced the police budget, Portland banned the use of tear gas to disperse vandals, and prohibited cooperation with federal security authorities. While hundreds of US police officers were injured and dozens of others were killed in various shootings, politicians and local judges stood on the side of BLM/Antifa. As a result, very few BLM/Antifa activists went to jail. For example, a Trump supporter’s killer for serious offenses was detained several times but was always launched back into the streets.

From a “cancel culture” that haunts anyone who has said something ten or twenty years ago that does not match today’s new “normality” to physical violence and killings against patriots, it is not a long way to go – these are different manifestations for one marinade of ideas that have poisoned Western culture. What began as an anti-authoritarian student revolution in the 1960s has outgrown about a cultural revolution against those not eager enough in their revolutionary beliefs or expressing counter-revolutionary propensities. And the more the West is free of real racism and sexism, the more these topics are updated and made a political weapon.

History does not always repeat itself, but it is always with rhymes. Of course, the influence of Russia and the FSB in these processes is not direct, although the troll farms of the “Putin Cook” Prigozhin have contributed to the BLM/Antifa protests. In general, however, Russia’s involvement is historical and comparable to the addition of fire to the building – the far one is on its own. Like Germany organized Lenin’s return to Russia in 1917, so Russia returns Lenin to the West — literally. While George Washington’s statue in Portland is toppled and has not been put back in place, Lenin’s sculpture in Germany and Seattle stands proud and no one threatens them.

30 years ago the West won an economic and political war against our oppressors in the USSR. Are we really going to lose the informative and cultural war against the Kremlin-led revolution of neo-Marxism?

Raivis Zeltīts

[1] Unmasked. Inside Antifa’s Radical Plan to Destroy Democracy. Andy Ngo, Center Street, 2021

[2] US liberal press hatred against the president Richard Nixon began when Communist spy Alger Hiss was compromised. Alger Hiss was a US delegate in Yalta conference and influenced favorable distributions of spheres of influence for the USSR.

[3] Hardt, Michael, Negri, Antonio. Empire. London, Harvard University Press, 2000., Pp. 206.-207.

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