Banks trying to silence the nationalist opposition

Banks have shut down the bank accounts of nationalist organisations all around Europe in a coordinated attack against the nationalist opposition. These attacks on our freedom have not only affected fringe movements, but also major political parties such as Front National in France.

With the ever diminishing use of a physical currency and future plans to completely digitize the monetary system, banks will gain a complete power over the flow (and creation) of money. If the bankers view someone as unfit for their future plans, they could cut this person or organisation out from the monetary system rendering them completely without available finances.

In conclusion Nordisk Ungdom (the Nordic youth) last Sunday organised a demonstration against the corrupt politically driven banksters, who have infringed our freedom by closing down our and other nationalists’ bank accounts, to pick up the fight on the ever going trend of digitizing the monetary system, which could leave any opposition financially defenseless.

-Nordisk Ungdom

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