A Swedish August of censorship and metapolitical victories!

Earlier this month, just after Nordic Youth published their 2nd video depicting our street protest against the ‘’Pride’’ parade, we got banned and taken off Facebook for the third time. This after our two videos became viral and widespread.  We did appeal but still had our page deleted permanently with all our followers and supporters gone – this is nothing new however and we are seeing a sharp increase in censorship all across the social media platforms today. This is why the importance of alternative channels of communication and press releases are needed and why the “internet keyboard-warrior” mentality will fail when soft censorship (online) shows its ugly face.



In other news, we learned that our dear friend George Soros financed the Swedish leftists in the last election 2014 for EU parliament and Swedish parliament.  Soros opened his wallet and donated 25000 USD to the Swedish far left organisation “Expo” to help fund educational workshops for leftist activists. Foreign interests are keen on keeping Sweden heading down the leftist nightmare route it seems.

Not all hope is lost however, while we are seeing an increase in attempts to silence and censor nationalist or patriotic movements in Sweden, our influence is growing steadily.

After leftist protests, the nationalist newspaper Nya Tider (“New Times” ) was denied entry to the Gothenburg Book fair, this year ironically having the theme “ freedom of speech”. They were however, after some time forced to let Nya Tider attend the book fair due to an eventual breach of a signed contract between the two parts.  Freedom of Speech won that round, but not by a large margin.

Lenins barnhörna
“Lenins childcorner” at the Gothenburg book fair, apparently no problems.

The Sweden Democrats have gained some more political and realistic sway in everyday Sweden it seems. The background story to this is a Swedish music artist who expressed his opinion that the Sweden Democrats were close to his own beliefs and reasoning.
Upon hearing this, a local Best Western hotel branch un-booked this artists Christmas shows, leaving him at a monetary loss estimated of over 1 million SEK.  When this information reached the Sweden democrats, they decided to publicly boycott this hotel chain until a public apology and the shows reinstated and the SD’s party leader asked all of his followers to buy this artists music, effectively putting him on the top sales in Sweden on iTunes list.

After this announcement from the Sweden democrats, the hotel chain CEO quickly stepped in, apologised, and reinstated his shows.

Money talks!

Last but not least, except from our weekly member meetings at our headquarters, we have had a much appreciated viewing of the documentary “The unknown war: Baltic Resistance”. It tells the story of the brave Baltic partisans who fought against the Soviet Occupation, 1945-1956. If you want to see it, and support the producer, Edvins Snore; follow this link to buy it online: https://gumroad.com/l/baltic