We, the Estonian nationalists apologize before the Hungarian people on behalf of Estonian  people for the actions of their representatives in the European Parliament. Under the spell of liberalism, they voted against the people of Hungary and in essence, against any notion of national self-determination that extends beyond the narrow globalist ideological boundaries of liberal democracy. Their votes do not represent the feelings of the Estonian people!

We see the Hungarian people as brothers, first because of our common Finno-Ugric ancestry, and also due to a shared historical experience in struggles against various multicultural empires over the last centuries. Those empires always attempt not only to extinguish the ethnic spirit, but also destroy its basis – the people. Today, this is expressed in the immigration agenda of the Brussels elite, which desires an amorphous, uncultured, grayish-brown, globalized Europe. Just as Hungary stood against the totalitarianism of Soviet homogeneity it now stands against an equally dogmatic liberal totalitarianism, which tolerates nothing it can’t subvert.

In this, Hungary not only stands for Hungarians, nor only for its Finno-Ugric brothers, but for all European peoples who have been forced under the ideological dictatorship of Brussels. In opposing it, Hungary stands for a Europe that is in essence infinitely more than a mere legal arbitrarity. Like other nationally conscious Europeans, the Estonian people stand beside Hungarians in this existential struggle for the freedom and the future of our descendants.

Blue Awakening

Foreign Affairs Office of the Conservative People’s Party of Estonia

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